True Impact Marketing is the Way to Go for a Lasting Customer Relationship

Marketing is a crucial element for any business. But how is marketing important?In marketing you need to price the products judiciously so that you do not suffer losses and have enough profits for your next venture. At the same time you must ensure that the price isn’t go too high for the target demographic and sales must be running smooth. You need to find a way with the help of a digital marketing company in Gurgaon or Delhi, to get to your target demographic and showcase the product or service to them in an appealing way.

You need to convince people that your product is better than all the alternatives and you need to get the customers come back for more and generate new leads to convert into customers.

With all this going on, you must know quite a bit about marketing even if you are a business owner and have your dedicated marketing team. You need to know about the different kinds of marketing strategies and how to implement them. Most of all you need to know how to track the progress of the marketing strategy you invested in. If it is not working as per expectations or need, you need to modify it accordingly.

Let’s get Technical:-

Talking about marketing strategies and their effectiveness, you must know about brand image building, customer loyalty, and high return on marketing investment, often referred to as ROI or ROMI. Do not worry, none of these things are difficult to understand. Given below points will make you understand the essence of marketing.

       1.      Creating a Strong Brand Image:-

Your business needs an identity. You need to build a brand image with certain values and personality traits that people will be attracted to. That way you will not have to convince people about every single product.

Of course the quality of the products has to live up to the expectations you raise with the brand image and their use have to be relevant to the image created.

       2.      Lead Generation via Brand Image:-

You can go via the social media route only or some additional routes like email and mass media advertising for getting visibility. Social media is a very convenient platform to maintain a profile for the intended brand image. Say you are a sports goods seller. You need to have a brand image that is strong, enthusiastic, high achieving, and persevering.

If you just keep promoting the products, it gets boring after a while. You need to attract people with stories that they can relate to. You either take the stories of some great sportspeople who recovered from many hardships, or make original posts about rising stars, or even about personal struggles to make your brand relatable to the target demographic. With this image you draw more leads towards your brand because people feel they can relate.

      3.      A Moment of Impact or Years of Strategic Planning:-

Look at what Fastrack did with its ‘Move on’, ‘Go Solo’ or the latest ‘Shut the fake up’ campaigns, to appeal to the young generation. It looks cool and so right that people want to wear a Fastrack product just to prove a point about their attitude. True impact marketing is about creating a strong and lasting impression that the people.

Now, this kind of impact does not happen overnight. It isn’t about just a tagline or a singular marketing campaign. It is how a company went on for years building a brand image, consistently targeting the new generation, the youth, and making relevant product designs. The ads have always been liberating, entertaining, and straight forward, just how the no-nonsense youth likes it.

       4.      Impact Marketing is Targeting the Right Audience:-

Impact marketing in the digital era is about hard work and consistency. True impact marketing is about understanding what works and what does not. Pop up ads do not work. They annoy everybody else just as much as they annoy you. They are like telemarketing calls from the yesteryears. True impact marketing has a high ROI because it targets the right audience with the right material, at the right time.The social media is a platform you must use for the same.

       5.      How to Make it Work:-

Let’s not just give examples when you can have a formula. To do true impact marketing right, you need to follow some simple procedures that include the following actions:

·       Give: Teach something, help people with expertise or guidance that does not cost you anything but gets people really interested in you and win their confidence.

·         Stay original: Do not repeat what others have already said. People are smart. They browse a lot. If you have nothing authentic to offer, no amount of charm or coolness will make an impact. So, choose what you do best, what you have a knack for.

·     Volunteer: Do good for no personal gain. That goes a long way when you want to create an impact that lasts long enough for people to recommend you to others. Do something for animal rights without showing any annoying vegan supremacy. Something of that sort that has nothing to do with your business. Just put up stories about it in a casual manner. People will like you and trust you more.

·    Motivate: The spirit of true impact marketing, as Dr. Rick Rigs by would say, is in being a “moulder and shaper” instead of a mere “mover and shaker”. You are here to create a lasting impact and that has to mean something of value. Cheap tactics or quantitative impression is a waste of time.

So now we get to know that marketing is of no importance if it does not fetch more than some immediate sales. You invest not only your money, but time, effort, and patience. True ROI value considers years of campaign history and marketing efforts. True impact marketing is therefore the way to go. Put in some real effort and create a lasting impact on people with authenticity and integrity. Sell what is best for them, sell what you do best.
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