Subtle Ways To Spice Up Your Look

The way you present yourself to others has more meaning than simply upholding a status or impressing someone. The way you look immediately gives whoever you’re approaching an idea of the type of person you are. So, whether it’s a business venture or a blind date, it helps to look your best.

Most of us know to wear the right clothes, style our hair and keep in shape. But there are more subtle improvements that you can make to your overall appearance that will subconsciously be picked up by others, giving them a good impression of how you carry yourself.

Here are four ways you can look your best without the hassle of making a drastic change.

Take Care Of Your Nails:-

One defining factor that people notice when deciding how well someone takes care of themselves is their nails. Nobody likes the sight of poorly cut, unnecessarily short, cracked nails. Let’s not even talk about having dirt under them. A few simple nail care products such as moisturizer and cuticle cleaners are worthy investments.

If you want to take it a step further, you can style your nails for ultimate modern chic. Newspaper Nails are trendy and easy to create while looking very intricate and well-done. Just don’t go overboard with a different color for each nail.

Improve Your Posture:-

Good posture is extremely important not only for your health but for your image as well. Being able to stand straight makes you look slimmer, taller, more confident and healthier. Even the subtlest improvement in your posture will affect the way people perceive how you feel, as well as how an item of clothing drapes on your body.


There’s nothing more attractive than a face of flawless skin. Looking healthy is always in and there’s nothing more evident about your health than your skin. Build a routine based on your skin type that will help you unleash your inner glow and get rid of those confidence-killing blemishes.

If you’re new to the world of skincare, things can be quite overwhelming. Reddit’s /r/SkincareAddiction is a great start for those looking to expand their knowledge on this intricate topic.

Your Smile:-

Of course, it would be silly to recommend changing the way you smile, but you can improve it in other ways. For one, taking care of your teeth will immediately make your smile more appealing. Brush, floss, avoid sugar and, if necessary, hit up a dentist before things get worse.

How often you smile should also be considered. People are naturally more drawn towards those who constantly wear a smile on their face. Our emotions radiate and affect how those around us feel. Use this to your advantage to make everyone around you feel as good as you look.


While your outward appearance is important, it’s always worth remembering what counts the most, and that’s your inner beauty. Looking good only gets you halfway. Being able to make those around you feel good by showing your kind, friendly, and enjoyable personality is what matters most.
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