AI Lowered Customer Service is the Future

Everywhere you look around, some form of automation can be felt and seen! From automation in monetary transactions through the web to relying on digital assistants in mobile devices to get things done timely- people are becoming increasingly dependent on automation. Even for ordering pizza online to booking movie tickets at a multiplex- it is hard to resist the temptation of the advantage offered by such automation! The MNCs are warming up to deployment of automation in customer support service. According to technology experts- this trend is expected to grow with time. The dependence on human agents handling customer service will reduce with time.

The recent developments indicate this prediction is not far from reality. Noted research and Advisory Company Gartner believes non-voice customer support will grow and reach 85 % by 2020. The customers are also accepting AI enabled service more than ever before. The success of Watson- an IBM AI-empowered platform aimed at large companies is being cited by many in this context. Software giant Autodesk has benefitted significantly by embracing Watson.

Reasons companies should think of deploying AI powered customer service

As a matter of fact, there are several solid reasons for which companies have started deploying AI technology in customer service. From enhanced customer loyalty to boost in brand image perception, the benefits are too big to overlook.

Listed below are the major benefits companies can obtain by deploying AI powered customer service:

       Pre emptive actions and exceptional responsiveness

Deploying AI technologies in customer service can bring hitherto unheard level of responsiveness. The AI technologies and virtual agents powered by them can anticipate customer actions and preferences way better than veteran human agents. The virtual AI empowered agents can analyze huge amounts of data in fraction of seconds and take suitable action to cater to customer needs. Whether it is about resolving queries or offering promotions to customers who will find them interesting- virtual agents can act faster.  When the customer service system is AI enabled, monitoring website or app activity becomes breeze. The user activities can be analyzed precisely by the AI enabled agents and conflicts can be resolved faster. It eventually leads to significant time saving and boost in productivity levels.

       AI enabled messenger/chat apps

Personal messenger and live chat apps have been around for quite some time. Already, thousands of companies are using live chat in their websites to offer flexible and real time customer support. However, with time the chat and messenger apps are becoming more feature rich and advanced. Integration of chat bots has made such applications more capable than earlier versions. Companies in tourism, aviation and apparel sectors are already deploying such technologies to enhance customer support and more are expected to follow suit.

       Less need to train and retrain

No matter which sector your brand belongs to, training employees to offer support to the customers is a prerequisite! Over time, training newly recruited staffs is also required. Large companies end up spending a significant amount in training part of workforce for offering quality customer support. Staff attrition is a factor few companies can overcome, as it is. However, AI enabled virtual agents are pre trained and using these proves to be hassle free for the companies. Later, re-configuring the software is not a problem either.

       Truly 24x7 customer service minus human hindrances

Deploying round the clock customer service personnel in a company is not easy- regardless of its size and sector. While some companies resort to deploying rotational shifts to offer continuous support to the customers- some glitches take place occasionally. Even the most skilled and sincere human support agents can fall ill or become subjected to stress. AI enabled customer supports have virtual agents and these do not get affected by human hindrances at all. They neither fall ill nor get stressed out or tired- unlike their human counterparts. Unless there is a ticketing software glitch affecting the system, the agents can continue performing 24x7. They can also be programmed to escalate complex issues to upper hierarchy in the setup.

       Boost in customer satisfaction level and development of enhanced brand image

With growing competition and abundance of choices given to the customers, all companies are trying to make the customers happy. For this developing a strong brand image is quite imperative. This becomes easier by deploying latest AI tech in customer support setup. AI enabled virtual agents analyze situations faster and act faster than human agents. This ensures the customers have to wait for reduced time and their needs are met with precision. Nowadays, most of the customers are short pressed for time and they want instant solutions to their issues when they contact customer support team. When the customers find solutions to their queries and issues faster, they feel happier and brand image perception gets a boost.

       AI helps in offering personalization to the customers

Nowadays, major companies like Amazon and Walmart are resorting to offering personalized experience to their online customers. Personalization makes shopping a more enjoyable experience for the customers. With AI embedded in customer support system, offering personalization to the customers becomes easier. AI enabled virtual agents can process vast amounts of data fast and figure out ideal recommendations and offers for individual customers based on analysis of their data. This eventually helps boost customer satisfaction level and more customers can be retained.

  AI helps offering comprehensive self service to the tech savvy customers

The customers are now way advanced and well informed than what they used to be even a decade back. The proliferation of internet and mass adoption of advanced digital technologies have led to emergence of customers who possess considerable knowledge on products and services. Naturally, such customers do not like the concept of dialing helpline numbers and wait in lengthy IVR queue to get response of human agents on the other side. They hardly want to wait and want to troubleshoot their problems unless it is very complex in nature. They also want a certain level of control in troubleshooting issues.  So, most of them want a self-help service in websites. The AI enabled chat bots can fulfill such needs well.

What the future of AI in customer service looks like

As per a recently conducted TCS survey more than 30% big brands worldwide have started using AI in their customer support service. Some of the entities that deserve mention in this context are Autodesk, KLM, food chains like Domino's and Subway. Of late, Bank of America has announced its decision to deploy intelligent virtual banking assistant named Erica- to offer next era digital banking experience to the customers. This list is only expected to get lengthier with time.

Summing it all up

AI is the potent weapon your company needs to take customer support to next level.  The major benefits include enhanced customer satisfaction, boost in customer retention, increased operational efficiency and solid brand image development.  However, as of now, AI technology is at a nascent stage and it is expected to evolve fast. Companies in sectors like finance, travel, food and clothing have started embracing AI technology, and more will follow in their heels. The benefits are undeniable but a blend of human and AI support will enable companies reap maximum benefits.
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