Organic e juice, DNA Methylation and its effects

DNA methylation is a complicated subject, but in essence it plays a crucial role in genetic expression - the way information in genes is used by the human body to produce protein chains. We all have a unique genetic code (also called the genome), registered in DNA, which exists in every cell of our body, thus producing a "fingerprint" of each of us. But other factors are factors that influence how the genome is read (how easy it is to encode the protein chains of other DNA components). One of these factors is methylation of DNA, representing a form of epigenetics (epigenetics can be translated "above genetics"). We should not be surprised that smoking has a major impact on DNA and is thought to have an impact on the DNA methylation process as well. According to, you should know that some e juices retain their quality more than others, depending on several factors, including the proportion of PG / VG, the type of flavor and the nicotine concentration.

What is Methylation:-

To get a little bit into technical details, methylation is the addition of a methyl group (CH3) to the DNA chain at a specific point of one of the four DNA components, the cytosine. Methylation is applied to the entire genome level, but specific distribution helps us to relate to the risk of a particular condition. For example, methylation at certain gene sequences leads to the suppression of "tumor abolition" genes.

DNA Methylation in relation to smoking:-

Just as we look at the whole genome as a whole to figure out how genetic variants help predict different diseases, we can also look at specific genomic locations where DNA methylation differs from individual to individual. Past studies have shown that there is a consistent difference in the methylated DNA profiles in those who smoke. We believe these differences were caused by smoking, although it is difficult to confirm - the exact causes being very difficult to determine.

Perhaps you did not know, but electronic cigarette maker manufacturers are not legally required to specify on the bottle label the expiration date of the e liquid. However, almost all of them do because it is a business practice whereby manufacturers guarantee that the electronic cigarette fluid will have the same quality over the time period mentioned. Just like the expiration date of the food, when it comes to e liquids, many vapers can be impatient that it may become dangerous for the body if it exceeds the time limit specified on the label. In this article I will share some information about the expiration date of the electronic cigarette liquids and what aspects to consider in determining whether an e liquid is safe to digest or not. Look at this.

The expiration date of the e-liquid:-

Let's face it - we all have eaten or drank something that had exceeded the expiration day or two, did we not? Well, the expiration date is an information that remains at the manufacturer's discretion to guarantee the quality of the product. Perhaps the more correct term would be the "recommended term for consumption" because if a product exceeded one day the expiration date does not mean it becomes dangerous for the body, and often the quality is the same. It all depends on the conditions in which the product was stored until it was consumed. The same applies to electronic cigarette liquids. There is no universal expiration term for e liquids, which is an arbitrary aspect, which refers more to taste, aroma and consistency, and less to its potential negative effects on the body.

So how can you realize that the liquid for the electronic cigarette has been "broken"? One of the most obvious signs is the discoloration of the e liquid and the change in taste and flavor, which become quite unpleasant. Fortunately, if you keep your e liquid bottle in a heat-free and sun-free environment, you will have already consumed it before it begins to lose its quality, no matter how small you are. Most manufacturers offer a 2-year quality warranty. If you hold for more than 2 years, a bottle of electronic cigarette liquid means you're so seldom that you'd better not do it.
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