Know Your Facts Before Going in for a Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is indispensable for any website that needs to do well on the internet. It does not matter if it is an ecommerce website or a personal blog. If you want your website to be safe and running smoothly on the net, you need to get a web host for it. There are way too many types of web hosts, and too many factors that need to be considered to understand what kind of hosting you need. Then there are features like unlimited reseller hosting or email hosting services. You need to know which ones you need and which ones you should stay away from. Here are some questions answered for you. Let’s hope this is helpful.

How is shared hosting different from free hosting?

Shared hosting services are excellent for businesses looking to make impact online. If your business is new and you’re hoping to create an online presence, shared hosting is the best option you can go for. Shared hosting is generally using a part of a physical server hosting several other shared hosts.
Free hosting are unpaid hosting services carried out by some domain service as a promotional advantage. Free hosting service unlike shared services is limited. If you’re a blogger hoping to connect with people online and not wanting to promote a business, then free hosting service can be usable for you.But if you are looking to promote your business and reach to a broader audience then you might find it extremely different with a shared hosting service.

What does shared hosting offer?

Shared hosting accounts are meant for one particular owner with one control panel through which you can host unlimited domains depending on the plan. Shared hosting services are paid but reasonable. Shared hosting services are the cheapest among other paid hosting services.

Shared hosting service provides a control panel through which you can customize and personalize your website accordingly. It also provides with basic tools like plug-ins, social media buttons, email hosting services and tracker.

The tools and features in a shared service is limited as there isn’t a functional control panel and the personalization options are very limited. You won’t get access to analytical tool, email hosting services, social media button, content management support and digital marketing tools.

How is virtual private server hosting different from dedicated hosting?

Virtual private server hosting includes a hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting service. A virtual private server exists in a physical hardware that is compartmentalized into cluster of virtual sections where server software is set up. All websites are hosted on this Virtual server.

Virtual Private Server is a good option for new businesses experiencing a steady influx of audience every day. VPS has better storage, bandwidth, shorter page load time and analytical tools than a shared server.

But, if you are a big business like an e-commerce website, you are expecting a lot more traffic and regular transactions and monetary exchange. For that, dedicated hosting service is the best option one can avail.

Dedicated server is owned by a particular business and isn’t shared by any other business or person. These servers have DDoS security which provides ultimate safety for transactions and privacy protection. High storage, shortest page load time, fast bandwidth and super analytical tools are some of the upgrades one can expect with a dedicated server.

What is reseller hosting and why do we need it?

A reseller hosting service is provided by business that has purchased or leased a hard drive space and bandwidth in a server. The reseller can host multiple accounts in the allotted space of the server. Basically, you buy a space in the server and re-sell a part of it to someone else.

Reseller hosting has a lot of benefits if you want to host multiple websites in your disc space. You can make your own hosting plans and packages.You can create a brand image by hosting multiple websites using your services.

Is unlimited reseller hosting real?

Yes, you can purchase unlimited reseller hosting packages from another hosting service through which you can host multiple websites and create your own online business. But do not fall for every claim a website hosting company makes, without verifying the claims. Sometimes web hosting companies promise unlimited hosting but actually give limited hosting with terms and conditions applied. Sometimes you are charged after you have reached a certain limit.

Most of the time the limit is so high that you will not even realise that you are being given limited service for the price of unlimited reseller hosting. This does not even count as a breach of law because the terms and conditions that you just ignored while signing the deal, has it covered. So, always ask about the details of every claim the web hosting company makes.

What is email hosting and why do we need it?

E-mail hosting helps you to create customer relationship and advertise through inbound marketing to your clients and customers. Email hosting service provides email accounts to domains. You can create multiple email accounts depending on the package.

Email is the safest mode of communication with existing and potential customers. Phone calls, SMS, or social media page suggestions are very intrusive. Even if a person is interested in a product, they will be more likely to say ‘no’ to it if you catch them at the wrong time. With email hosting, you are sure that your target has opted for notifications via email. Email hosting is the way to go if you want to make sure the ROI or return on investment is high.
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