How Scammers Work On Dating Sites

Professional scammers successfully make hundreds of millions of dollars off their victims. They turned romantic dating sites into a kind of art form, the purpose of which is to batten on one of the most vulnerable needs of people - to love and be loved. Romantic scammers polished their skills so that even those who are usually not susceptible to deception become victims under the pressure of professional tricks.

In order to escape imposure, it isn’t enough to be just cautious, you need to know and understand how they work to recognize a scammer as early as possible.
First, a scammer, like everyone else, creates an account on a dating site. Some are very interesting, with convincing stories and photos that are usually stolen from the Internet. And under the first impression you can make contact with him after reading the "charming" profile.
The first letter sent by scammer will be detailed and interesting, with a story that one wants to listen more and more and then learn the sequel. A scammer will write you fair words, confess his love and express a desire to learn more about you. At some point, he will ask you to go to the email address or offer you to call him.
At the first stages of communication you can sometimes immediately understand who actually writes you. But don't worry if you can't notice it at once, some polish up their professional scam skills for years.
Here are a few examples of how scammers can write:

- they don't refer to you by name;
- don’t write new stories;
- don’t answer your specific questions;
- they write that they have children and family, but there are no joint photos;
- letters about nothing with an abundance of fair words and confessions of their feelings.

By e-mail or in telephone conversations, the scammer works to make you fall in love with him even without ever meeting! The whole scam is based on believing that this person is real and truly in love with you. Once you start to believe it - you're on the hook. You get used to the person, communicate with him and have no reason to doubt what he says. After all, scammers spend a lot of time and trouble in improving their lies and developing their methods.

Scammers on dating sites are sometimes willing to spend weeks or even months on "relationships" with you. He will not ask you for money until he realizes that you are in love with him. And only after that he creates a false situation or problem and presents it so that you immediately want to help him. Because you love him and want to do everything you can to make him happy. The idea is that you will never understand that it's a scam, your thoughts are far from it and you are completely under his control. You are in love, and as they say, love is blind. This is one of the longest, but also the most effective types of scam.
Some scammers, for example, will never pretend that they live in your country. As a rule, they present themselves as successful entrepreneurs or military. It immediately gives them a "good reason" not to be at home, don’t communicate by Skype, or send a lot of letters and photos.
A scammer will harmonize relations with you and won't ask for money until you talk about a real meeting. He will say that he wants to see you, fly on a visit, or you can express a desire to meet him. Just at this moment, he will start asking for money to pay for his trip (usually about $ 1,000) or send you to a fake airline website so that you can book a ticket for yourself or for him. Anyway, he will make something up and try to get money from you. But you will never see him in person.
Types of scam can be described for hours, but they all come down to extortion of your money. At whatever stage of development your relationships are, a request for money should always turn on the red light in your head - a stop signal.
Once you understand that you have contacted a scammer, stop all the connections. Ignore his emails and block any phone calls (if you are already at this stage of communication). If you have the opportunity to change your email address, phone number, etc. - do it! Don’t forget to notify the administrator of the dating site about the scammer and specify his profile. Jump4lovescam will help you learn more useful information on how to spot online dating scammers.

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