The Easy-Care and Sun-Resistant Garden Plants For Your Home

The Easy-Care and Sun-Resistant Garden Plants For Your Home:-

We all like to have a wonderful garden full of plants and flowers resplendent and well maintained, especially now that the good weather is here. However, sometimes this is not possible, due to lack of time or dedication. That is why we have selected for you a series of plants that are very easy to care for and resistant to the sun. This spring your terrace will be the envy of the neighbors.


Simple, comfortable and flashy. This tiny flower that can be white or purple, allows you to take care of it in pots or directly on the ground. It grows very fast and sure that your garden fills you with its colorful color. The more you put, the better it will be!

French lavender:-

This version of traditional lavender is very aromatic, in addition to having a fascinating color. It will intoxicate your garden or terrace with a pleasant aroma. You can put it in the way of bushes or branches anywhere, and it is very easy to take care of.

Mexican feathergrass:-

This plant moves to the wind when it blows, and looks beautiful flowers in season. It will fill your garden with movement as if it were a floral dance, at the same time that its exotic touch will attract all eyes.

Bush of butterflies:-

These flowers owe their name to that they attract many butterflies. Therefore, if you want to fill your garden with these small flowers, in addition to the light they bring, they will attract a lot of beautiful butterflies that will fill your garden with life. Flora and fauna united in a wonderful view.


This beautiful bush offers us some pretty purple flowers in the shape of trumpet very striking. This plant is not perennial, it does not last long, but its colorful flowers are worth it to decorate our garden this spring. It is very original and brings a lot of color to our decoration.

Flax Plant:-

This is a very resistant and perennial shrub, that instead of withering or getting ugly with the cold, on the contrary, it looks a much more showy color with low temperatures. Its elegant appearance will fill with sophistication any place where you decide to place it, either in a pot or on the garden floor.

Carex divulsa:-

Here we speak of a beautiful ornamental grass that does not require much care and that grows very easily keeping always green and of a reduced size, although you can plant several and create a nice and ample green space. The most important thing is that you enjoy creating your natural space.


A variety of different lavender commented on the previous one. It will resist even hands that know how to take care of plants and at all times of climates, endures humidity, dry or very dry climate. If you do not like the plants, surely this or any of the above are perfect for you.

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