5 Famous Tourist Places to see in Delhi

5 Famous Tourist Places to see in Delhi:-

Delhi - all the diversity of India is reflected in the metropolis of Delhi which has 14 million inhabitants - and despite a turbulent life and sensory impressions stunning, Delhi has its own charism of great metropolis, unusual. Of the alleys bordered of trees, of the peoples of different origins, living traditions shape the physiognomy of the city with its historic buildings, its morals transmitted from generation to generation and its pace of a large modern city. The third largest city of the sub-continent consists of the neighborhoods of Old Delhi, formerly called Shahjahanabad and the New Delhi, The former headquarters of the British colonial administration. The old center brings together mosques, historical monuments and the forts of inestimable historic value.

Chosen capital of India in 1911 by the British, New Delhi is well more than a region wide and spacious in which many embassies and a large part of the buildings of the government. The must-see sights in Delhi are three buildings declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the tomb of Humayun, the Qutub Minar (tower of the Victory) and the Red Fort. Delhi is an ideal starting point to start his journey through India because since here the sub-continent is well served and the richness of its facets can discover.

    1.  Raj Path

Most of the official buildings of the Indian Government open on this impressive "Track Royal" 2 km, bordered by lawns where the inhabitants of Delhi like coming to rest.

At the west end of Raj Path, the palace of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan is the current official residence of the President of the Republic. Inaugurated in 1929 to host the vice-kings of the Indies, it accommodated as the last host under the colonial era Lord Mountbatten, who granted the independence to the country, the 14 August 1947.

On the one hand, and on the other the presidential palace, you can admire the facade of the Secretariat and the two buildings housing the Department of Finance and the Department of Foreign Affairs. Just behind its northern part, Parliament Note easily to its architecture circular to colonnades. Each 26 January, National Republic day, it is here that takes place the military parade which commemorates the establishment of the Republic.

  2. India Gate

At the end is of Raj Path, Silent Witness of the congestion of which converge toward its great place, the Arc of Triumph of the India Gate, the "door of the India", bears the names of the 100 000 Indian soldiers of the army of the Indies dead on the battle fields of Europe of the First World War.

3. National Museum

Located in 11 JanPath in the south of the crossing with Raj Path. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. and the entry is fee. A side of dusty museums of the other major Indian cities, the National Museum fact figure of state-of-the-art complex. Its collection, the richest in the country, covers all civilizations and dynasties which have succeeded on the sub-continent (Buddha of the time Maurya, moguls miniature…).

The galleries devoted to the civilization of the Indus, which dates back to 2500 av. J.-C., contain priceless treasures from sites of excavations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, today in Pakistan, including the figurine on the dancer and the statue of the Mother Goddess.

  4. Humayun's Tomb:-

In the south-east of the India Gate, at the crossroads of Zakir Hussain Road and Mathura Road. Open from sunrise to sunset. Entrance fee.

Haven of peace, unhoped for s out of the noise and the crowd, the Moghul garden that surrounds the tomb of Humayun is also a field of predilection for parrots. Precursor of the architecture of the time Mughals and the Fabulous Taj Mahal in Agra, built in the next century, this tomb was built in 1565 at the request of the widow of the emperor Humayun.

Erected on a pedestal and championed a huge dome, the interior of the tomb, red sandstone and white marble, is only partially open to visitors, who must be satisfied of the openings in the clear-tracks decorated with geometric decorations.

 5. And Charm of Old Delhi:-

Noisy and crowded, the Old Delhi is one of the few areas of the city that he must visit on foot. Voluntarily or forcibly, there is in any way obliged to abandon his rickshaw both the conduct becomes dangerous in the alleys of the bazaars around the Jama Masjid. Handcarts, bicycles whose loading lack of scratching the pedestrian, street vendors… Better melt into the crowd to attend the most beautiful show of street of the capital. 

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