How Using a Radar Detector Can Help You Avoiding Speeding Tickets

How Using a Radar Detector Can Help You Avoiding Speeding Tickets:-

With the proliferation of radars, saving his license becomes a challenge. Suggestions to get through the cracks.

It crackles! The 2,595 fixed and mobile radars installed on our roads contribute daily to the cancellation of 25,000 license points. 

From a small excess of speed costing 1 point up to the 6-point alcoholic driving, one quickly loses its pink cardboard: 92 123 invalidations of permits for zero balance were thus pronounced in 2009. Of course, in many cases, the sanction is not stolen. And between the radars and the strengthening of alcohol control, the results are there: the number of deaths on the roads has dropped from 7 654 in 2002 to 4 262 last year.

How using a radar detector can help you avoiding speeding tickets

Still, many motorists admit that their points credit melts like snow at the edge of the road due to very slight overtaking. Hence the usefulness of knowing one's rights, choosing the right radar warning device, not waiting for a point recovery course, and so on. Learning how to manage his license will become a necessity, as pressure from the police and gendarmerie is expected to increase further.

On the program: 1,900 additional radars by 2012; a new generation of aircraft in the coming months that will be able to calculate the average speed of a car between two points spaced a few kilometers away; diabolical machines, finally, which will be able to distinguish between several vehicles flashed at the same time.

The investment is heavy but certainly very profitable for the State: last year, the automatic radars brought back to him 640 million euros, according to the magazine "Auto Plus". And given the scale of the current deficits, it is a safe bet that law enforcement will not receive leniency orders in the coming months. As well as preparing ...

Christophe Aubry and Pierre-Olivier Marie

Anticipate police checks:-

To sort out the many products available, we swallowed 1,300 kilometers of bitumen with six in-dash equipment, four cases and two smartphone applications. The results of this road test: all detect fixed speed cameras, most of them point to frequent mobile control zones, and some, like Coyote and Wikango, even prevent the presence of gendarmes thanks to their community of users: on a key of the case as soon as it detects a radar, signaling the place in real time to the subscribers. Very effective!

In addition to these warning devices, there are also detectors. Named Valentine, Cobra or Escort, these cases, which are easily found for 200 to 500 euros on the Net, capture the waves emitted by the radars at hundreds of meters of distance. But they are illegal (their possession can be worth up to three years of suspension of license and 1 500 euros of fine) and especially hardly effective: the athermic windshields, which limit the heat in the passenger compartment, blur the waves. And, if no vehicle ahead, the detector will sound too late, because the gendarmes will already have you in their binoculars. Always use best escort radar detector to avoid getting speeding tickets. Escort is a well known brand in manufacturing quality radar detector.

The other method of playing hide and seek with radars is to prevent the authorities from identifying the driver, the only target of the point withdrawals. For this, the best-known trick is to drive in a company car, since the gray card is not in your name.

Your boss will have to pay the fine (even if you claim the amount), but no law requires him to say who was driving at the flash. On the other hand, for leased cars
It is a ritual, before the great summer starts, the radar warning devices, appeared in 2005, are selling like rolls. Last year, Coyote, Inforad and others sold more than (rental with option to purchase), the vehicle remains the property of the credit institution, but the registration card is most often on behalf of the driver.

Alternatively, you can create a two-name registration card, for example by adding your spouse. The driver who is entered first receives the fine and points but can denounce the other to preserve his stock. It remains the infallible thing: to put his car also in the name of his child. "There is nothing to prevent a 2-year-old girl from holding a Porsche gray card," says lawyer Jean-Baptiste Iosca. "You will pay the fine, but the administration will not be able to withdraw points from a person who does not have a driver's license." Impossible, if not moral!
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