Things To Consider Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

Things To Consider Before Buying a Gaming Laptop:-

Buying a laptop to play is always a difficult decision, it is a very big investment and the fear of making a mistake is high. So better advise yourself and check out some key points before you buy.

1- The power required

This is fundamental if the laptop is very fair may with games within a year you are in trouble. More now, we are in the midst of a transition to new generation consoles, so the minimum and recommended requirements will hit a rush.

The best thing is that you look for a processor with at least 4 cores, and that can reach speeds between 2 and 3 GHz. 1 Core i5 or i7 from Intel achieve this, for example the Core i7-3630QM, one of the most used. AMDs are not so common, but the A10 family meets expectations.

The second issue that causes more doubts is the graph. What if 1GB, 2GB ... The truth is that GB is not as important and if the power of the graphics. To be reassured it would be best not to get off a G-Force GT650M, which throws most games at medium-high details. However, you can go down to a GT550M to play at low resolutions and minimum quality. For AMD, the 7000 family works well.
Finally, the RAM is missing. Here there is no such a place to doubt, more than 4GB is prevalent, better if you get to 8GB,

2- The screen

Most important, and one of the reasons why you should see the laptop running before you buy it. There are both bright and dull, and ele be anything one of taste, but know that the matte finish (opaque screens as before, go) produces much less reflection.
Then decide the resolution. If you are going to make a strong investment, it would be ideal a Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen, although for cheaper equipment better stay with 1366 x 768, as it does not require so much power. You can always enjoy movies from top 10 free movie sites on your pc if you have a good screen.

3- Keyboard

Well defined, large keys and with good travel to feel every command of the game. Note that there are no problems pressing more than three keys at a time since I've seen people complaining about this. Also, better be it backlit, sooner or later you'll want to use it in the dark.

4- Quality of construction

You do not need big luxuries, nor does it have to be aluminum, but a decent quality plastic. That yes, make sure that the position of the USB ports, headphones and others is comfortable. Finally, you do not mind if it looks rough and big since you need good ventilation so it does not boil to use.
5 - Storage:

Two options or you turn to a large disk of 1TB to have space for piles of titles or conform to a smaller SSD (128 GB or so). I prefer the SSD, it is much faster so the load times in the games will be lower.

6- Other tips:

Try to see it before to judge, in addition to the quality of the screen, the quality of the speakers.
Some laptops have two graphics: an integrated one (like the HD4000) for basic tasks and an advanced one for games. This is very useful because you save battery.
You can choose to buy in Spain or import, but if you import insurance you lose warranty, so be careful.
Beware of the battery, a 6-cell will only give little more than 1 hour of play, warned you.
And to finish ... Recommended models!

Mountain Performance 15 Ivy: 

The laptop with Corei7, 8GB of RAM a GT650M graphics, Full HD screen and solid state drive, all at just € 849, of the best offers in the network.

Alliware M14X:

Dell is the warranty, and this model is not so expensive. Core i5 processor, 8GB Ram, GT650M graphics, and 500GB disk. Somewhat inferior to the mountain but with better aesthetics, and longer battery life.
MSI GX60: AMD quad-core processor, Radeon HD7970 graphics (better than 650M), 8GB RAM, full HD display and 750GB of the disk. For your € 1074 is more than good.
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