YouTube for Nonprofits: What You Need to Know

YouTube for Nonprofits: What You Need to Know:-

With the sheer volume of video capabilities, more and more nonprofits are using video to spread their message.

With the social media explosion of the last few years, nonprofit organizations are increasingly using YouTube as a platform to host their videos.

Many nonprofits are integrating their entire social media platforms. By combining their YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Blog sites, nonprofit organizations can reach a wider audience.

Tips for nonprofits on using YouTube:-

Sign up for the YouTube Non-Profit program.
This will give you special free features. Some of these features include branding and a larger capacity upload. Also, YouTube frequently features nonprofit organizations as members of the program, and this may generate extra publicity for your organization.

Branding is important:-

Make sure your logo is readily seen on your page; this will help to generate brand awareness.
Customize your page and use proper key words so that your organization is easier to find in a search.
Add your website URL to help drive traffic to your company website and various other locales where information about your nonprofit is available.

 Your nonprofit should be set up to accept online donations; especially if you are using social media to advance the word and the work of your organization. While some people still write checks, more and more people are utilizing online payment options. Look into these and if your organization decides to follow that route, place donation buttons on your YouTube page to allow for donations after someone is moved by one of your videos is viewed.

Tag your videos:-

Tagging is the primary way videos are found on YouTube.
Good tagging helps with search engine optimization and helps your videos get found from search engines outside of YouTube.

Also, add clear, keywords and audience-targeted description to your video. Write well-structured, understandable text of 250 words at least. Between that if you have any problem with writing assignments the you should ask essays online  service that provide qualitatively and timely help for you.

Use appropriate keywords and tag every video:-

If you are involved in an annual campaign or another kind of event, take a video of it and post it
If you are involved in a campaign, post a link to articles and a copy of the fundraising appeal letters that were distributed.

Allow users to submit their information and collect email addresses and another point of contact information and include this in your database.

Encourage users to submit videos:-

You won’t have time to make all the videos that you want. Encourage your clients and program participants who have successfully used your program to create their small video to air. These testimonials will lend greater credence to your organization and will give viewers more content to view.

Hints to find more funding for your nonprofit via YouTube:-

There are some funding sources who are getting into YouTube as well. For example, Pepsi recently conducted a funding campaign based on YouTube videos and the popularity votes various videos received. You saw many nonprofits who had never thought to record a video pulling out all the stops for a chance to win program funding.

Don’t just limit your video content to coverage of events; make videos that can be described as Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). Use video in your fundraising appeal. Think outside the box and do it strategically.

Use your YouTube page to raise awareness of your organization. Describe your program and list any volunteer opportunities that might be available. Your YouTube page is free advertising and your nonprofit should be using that real estate to its advantage.
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