Is Moz Rank Similar to the Google Page Rank?

Is Moz Rank Similar to the Google Page Rank?

This is question, which creates confusion in many minds. It is difficult to find out the answer if you just think about it but it will become much easier if you try to look the facts.

Google page rank is named after the founder Larry Pages. It determines how important a page is in search engines and how relevant people find it to search about their topic on it. It works according to the importance of the search topics and it works on the quantity.

However, Moz ranking works on the quantity that how many times a word has been used to search so they both are entirely different thing though they work on this principle.

From a research, it has been known that mozranking is much more good and higher than Google page ranks. This is because page ranks works on the principle of giving importance to the search and pages according to their importance. It puts those links and sites, which are more important, and therefore it has a large number of viewership. On the other hand, mozranking works on the principle of algorithmic calculation. It is easier to go from 3 to 4 but really hard to skip from 8 to 9 when it refers to an increase exponentially. It is considered that mozranking is much more preferable than Google pagerank checker.

Both basically works on the popularity principles but it has been found out that mozranking is suitable more. Both are special in their own way and have their own importance when it comes to this domain. People prefer both and sometimes support one of the two because everyone has their own choice.

Quality and quantity always go together so they both cannot be separated and they both work together. This is something that can never be separated as everything has its own importance in its own way.
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