Top 5 Tips to Develop a Secure Mobile App 2018

Top 5 Tips to Develop a Secure Mobile App 2018:

Security is emerging as a core consideration in mobile app development. Businesses have learned that if they are online with their apps, they need to arrange ‘the best in the market’ security solutions. Past events, like Yahoo’s security breach when over 2 billion users accounts were affected in a cyber-attack in 2013, eBay’s HeartBleed bug that put that data of 145 million users at stake in 2014 and Equifax’s security attack when hackers stole the personal security information of 143 million American credit card holders in 2017, have taught a lot to new comers in the world of mobile.

These security attacks will continue to occur as when you make a security wall, its hack is also tried to create by those, who want to bypass this wall and take advantages of the data put behind them. As of a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, it’s been predicted that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.  

These statistics show that businesses, which are launching apps today or businesses, which already own apps online, need to take some strong steps to secure the apps. Here are the key tips to do that. 

Prevent the Injection:

The injection is one the top risks associated with the apps based on SQL database, NOSQL, OS and LDAP.  The OWASP Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities list 2017 listed the injection as the top technique used by hackers to breach the data of an app or website.

SQL Injection is one the common types of injections. In SQL injection un-trusted source enters data in the app. The most common entry points include shopping cars, sigh up forms and login forms.

SQL is the most common language as most the databases are based on it and also, it does not require much expertise. If you prevent your site from Injection, you take the basic step to secure your site. 

Encrypt your app’s communications:

Encryption is another step you can take to secure your app particularly if it’s exchanging valuable data or information. Also, make sure your app or website is not enabled with low quality encryption as attackers can install stolen certificates allowing them to hide and stay undetected when HTTPS solutions cannot access all keys and certificate.

It has already happened when attackers stolen information from 100 employees of eBay and get access to the company’s internal network and then get access to data of millions of customers. Hackers also remain undetected to eBay’s system until company detected them in 229 days.

When in encrypting a mobile app, make sure that software and servers are communicating with each other via HTTPS connections. 

Ensure better password security:

An app using login also needs password security otherwise accounts of users to the app can be hacked. Adobe has faced the similar problem in 2013 when the company did not stored passwords securely. In many cases of mobile apps saving password, passwords are stored unencrypted which can make them vulnerable to attacks. 

Implement multifactor authentication:

Now more and more apps and websites are using the multifactor authentication. Companies like Google, Apple and Yahoo have already applied the multifactor authentication on their accounts. The multifactor authentication zeros cases in which hackers are able to get passwords of victims by any way and get access to accounts. When enabled, the multifactor authentication requires a user to reconfirm the login to its own account by OTP or other mediums.  

Conduct regular security audit:

In spite of implementing the better than the best security solutions in an app, never forget to conduct the security audit and take it as a regular habit. You just cannot implement security at once and forget about that. When security is implemented, hackers start working to get ways to it. So keep tabs on all your security measures and keep checking them time after time.

Author Bio:- Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app development services across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.
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