How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair In Women Safely At Home

How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair In Women Safely At Home:

As we know, hair on your butt crack is something normal and natural in adults. However, butt crack hair always makes you annoyed and embarrassed, especially in case of wearing tight clothes such as jeans. Therefore, in this article, we give some common reasons why and how to shave your buttcrack hair safely.

Is It Normal To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair?

Hair growth in your butt crack is normal. The hair only grows in your butt and around the anus. Human hair including buttcrack hair is a protein filament which grows from the follicles under the skin. The human body is covered in follicles that produce thick terminal as well as fine vellus hair. So, adults have hair growing in some regions including your butt crack region. Along with keeping your ass warm, this hair helps to prevent your anus from yeast, fungal, and bacterial infections.

So, is it normal to shave your buttcrack hair?

In some people, the buttcrack hair growth is much more than others, and this makes you annoyed and embarrassed when you move or wear a bikini. Some those also admitted the buttcrack hair reduce their confidence. Moreover, if your buttcrack hair is not usually shaved regularly, this is the cause of some gynecological diseases associated with bacterial in this area. Therefore, the answer to this question is YES. Below is how to shave your butt crack hair in women safely at home.

Best Ways On How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair Safely At Home:


Before shaving, it is essential to take a bath because this helps you remove fungi and bacteria that infect your pores while shaving. It is recommended that you should take a bath under the warm shower which may soften the hair and open your hair pores as well as limit the growth of buttcrack hair after shaving. It is also easier for you when shaving.
You should prepare the following tools for your task ahead:
      A small mirror (a hand mirror)
      A shaving razor or blade
      A clean, bright towel
      A tub of shaving cream (or gel)
      Medication to stop bleeding accidentally

Notes: Before using the new razor, you should sterilize it with a cup of alcohol

How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair With A Razor:

Once all above are prepared, you can start shaving with the following steps.

Lather up your buttcrack hair:

For better and safer aftershave smooth look, you have to make sure that your skin is tout and lather up your buttcrack hair using a right shaving gel or cream. It helps to create a good condition for shaving and avoid any troubles and frictions.

Start Shaving Your Buttcrack Hair:

  • Put your mirror on the floor and then squat above it to see your buttcrack more easily. This step helps you avoid cutting your skin accidentally and also gives better result after shaving.
  • Lightly and carefully grab and hold your butt cheek to gain access and reach your buttcrack more easily as well as avoid the folded skin. It may minimize cutting risks which often occur when shaving.
  • In case your buttcrack is too hairy, the overgrown hair should be trimmed to a low level which is near the skin before shaving everything.
  • Gently and carefully press the sterilized sharp razor against your skin and make sure that you shave the hair in the direction of hair growth.
  • After each few shaving strokes, you need to rinse the razor continuously with cold water because this can remove and dislodge stuck hairs leaf on the razor.
  • Finally, rinse off your shaved area with warm water and then use a clean, bright towel to pat dry (a clean white towel if possible).  You should not rub the towel on your newly shaved buttcrack surface because this can harm the skin.
  • If there are any bloodstains caused by slight cuts, you need a styptic pen to stop bleeding immediately.
  • After everything is well done, and no slight cuts occur, you just apply right shaving cream to close up your pores as well as prevent the shaved skin from itching and rashes.

Other Methods For How To Shave Your Buttcrack Hair:

Thanks to modern techniques nowadays, there are other solutions of removing your buttcrack hair along with shaving by using a razor at home. Here are some common methods including waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal you should consider for obliterating the buttcrack hair or in the long term.

Waxing your butt crack hair:

The modern technique is done by a professional aesthetician.  Waxing is one of the commonly most straightforward methods applied to remove hair removal including butt crack hair. However, waxing is more efficient because it eliminates the hair quickly as well as prevents the hair growing again from the root. This method also keeps your butt crack stay clean longer.


Electrolysis is another modern technique to get rid of your butt crack hair. This method uses an electric which burns the hair at its root via a needle which is inserted into your hair follicle around the butt crack. Every hair follicle is burned individually.

 Unlike waxing or shaving, the method is quite expensive and may not leave you with a permanent result. If you want to apply this process, it is essential to look for advanced medical experts to experience this procedure.

Laser For Butt Crack Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal can completely remove your unwanted butt crack hair. This method uses an intense beam of light to get rid of the hair. The laser will penetrate your skin to damage the unwanted hair follicle, which helps to prevent future hair growth.

Like electrolysis, this procedure is also lengthy and quite expensive. Moreover, several treatments and maintenance procedures can be required while using electrolysis.

How To Care For Your Shaved Butt Crack:

Shaving your butt crack hair may leave you with some following conditions.

  •       Anal itching owing to irritation of the skin around your anus
  •       Make  ingrown hair bumps painful
  •       Yeast  or bacterial infection occur around your anus

For above reasons, you should care your shaved areas carefully. Below is what should consider caring for the area.
  •       Keep your butt crack moisturizing at night: You can use non-perfumed petroleum jelly or gentle moisturizer to keep the butt crack moisturizing.
  •       Avoid ill-fitting or irritating clothes: Ill-fitting or irritating clothes can block your pores, which causes pain or soreness
  •       Keep your buttcrack dry: You can keep your buttock dry and ventilate the open pores by applying some baby powder.
  •       Antiseptics to prevent the growth of yeast and bacteria: There are numerous antiseptic or antibiotic ointments on the market can avoid your butt crack from some fungal or bacterial infections.

A bottom line:

In conclusion, shaving your buttcrack hair can reduce the risks of ingrown hair as well as improve your health situation this be done correctly and safely at home. This article provides you some simple tips on how to shave your buttcrack safely and efficiently. If you find this useful, please share your comment below.
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