6 Digital Marketing Trends Worth Paying Attention to in 2018

6 digital marketing trends worth paying attention to in 2018:

Digital marketing is the way of the future and the year 2018 is expected to bring with it a tremendous amount of innovation and evolution to the business. New trends are being started every day. Here we have some marketing trends that will help you keep up this year. 

*    Create an efficient yet simple web interface:

As we enter a new age of technological advances, everything is becoming online. And a trend that you will have to follow to ensure the survival and progress of your business in the creation and designing of a robust and efficient web interface. Also, your interface should not be too complicated. An efficient yet straightforward interface will enhance the customer experience and will make them more likely to engage and respond to your advertisements. 

            Engage in location-based marketing:

As mobile technology is increasing the trend of using location references in your marketing strategies is also increasing. Geo-location based marketing can be a great way to send utterly relevant advertising messages to your customers. Appling this trend will make sure that you don’t waste marketing resources on people who are not likely to engage in business with you.

*  Use micro-marketing:

Micromarketing is the strategy of identifying the specific needs of your customers and advertising accordingly to specific groups of people to whom the advertisement is relevant, as opposed to marketing to a sizeable unclassified set of people. These specific groups of customers can be formed on the basis of their preferences and buying patterns. Micromarketing also helps in reducing the expenditure on marketing as you have to send a lesser amount of advertisement content to specific people and it is also more effective. 

 Live streaming advertisement:

Live streaming is gaining significant momentum among marketing companies. Firstly videos, in general, are more effective than any other means of advertising. According to a study, video will account for almost 78% of the traffic on the internet by 2019. Secondly, live streaming videos ensure more customer attention. Facebook reports that users spend three times more time watching live videos as compared to static video content. 

* Influencer marketing:

Influencers are social media personalities who influence society. Vloggers are a good example of such people. These internet celebrities have a huge following and getting them to advertise your products and services can be a great marketing strategy in 2018. Also, these social media influencers have the trust of their followers so if they are recommending a product then the followers will purchase more frequently. 

*    Social media advertising:

Billions of people are connected through different social media platforms. And advertising on social networks is very important as the number of users on these platforms are showing no signs of slowing.

Instagram is the future of social media advertisement and its followers are growing rapidly according to an announcement by Instagram, around eight hundred million people use this platform every month. Social media advertising gives you access to a huge amount of people that can never be achieved through mainstream marketing.

Online Security Improve Trust
Ensure that your website is secure with HTTPS connection. On 6th August 2014, Google starts considering HTTPS as a ranking factor, that is why SSL is an important part of your website. An SSL certificate works as a secured channel between user browser and the server. All the information transfer between these two platforms encoded into an encrypted format. Therefore it is very tough to intercept by the third party, and only authorized receipt can decode the actual message.

Many popular SSL resellers like Cheap SSL Shop, offers trusted SSL Certificate of same Certificate Authority at a much lower price. For a small business, Positive SSL Certificate is the best option that only cost you $4.95 per year price. You will also get purchase and installation support if required.

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