How to Rank Your Website Easily in 2018

How to Rank Your Website Easily in 2018:

If you are a blog or website owner your main thinking would be to rank your site at the top of search results. But you also need to know how to get into the top of the list. In this article I will help you ranking your site at the top of the list in this 2018. Keep following my tips those I am going to share in this article.

Marketing Peek recommended to follow those steps carefully to rank your website at the top of search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.

Publishing Content Regularly:

These days search engine is highly interested in having posts of regular basis. It’s really normal because if you don’t post on your site over a month or twice it’s not shows a natural flow. Right? That’s why search engine will give priority to those blogs who posts articles on regular basis. Regular posting doesn’t means posting daily. You can post weekly or 2 contents per week. That would be best practice to get you at the top.

Also make sure to publish genuine & interesting content for your visitors. Because if you publish interesting content they will try to share your content with their friends and family and as a result you will gain a few referral visitors from their share. So, always try to maintain the quality.


Backlinks are very much important for raking & getting high authority for your domain. But getting unwanted backlinks randomly can harm your site and finally you can get penalty from google. And google can easily ban you if you spam rapidly.

You can simply outreach on guest posting, natural blog comment, forum posting & engaging there, profile backlink, video, image, audio share and much more important backlink strategies you can follow. Those are simple basic backlinking strategies that will boost up your site and help you get into the best positions ever.

Keyword Research:

If you want to get ranked on search engines you must be focusing on keyword research. You can basically take help of google keyword planner, keyword everywhere addons, and some other online free tools to done your work for basic tasks. There are more paid tools that will done your job more easily and specifically. But at the beginning your can test things with free tools.

I suggest you to go for low search volume keywords and low competitive keywords so that you can get into the top easily. Also I recommend you to use ahrefs to check backlinking reports based on kewords. It’s one of my best ever tool which help me ranking at the top again and again.

Hope you got valuable basic ideas about ranking at the top of search results in this 2018. Just practice hose on your site and I m pretty sure that you are going to get an impressive result just flowing those matters I just discussed. Those are just simple basic guideline for you to continue the process getting better SEO results continuously. Keep me updated if you got any issues. 
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