Top 3 Android Games You Should Try

Top 3 Android Games You Should Try:

Do you know how many games are available on the Google Play Store?

Well, there are more than 3 Million Android apps and games which you can download from the play store.
If you have some free time and want to know about some games which are really cool and can help you to kill your time with ease then you are at right play because I will tell you about the top three best Android games which you can play for killing your time with fun.

Top 3 Android Games You Should Try:

All the games that are listed below are free to download from the Google Play store. So, you don’t need to worry about paying the developers of the games for downloading them.
But if you want to download some paid games or app then you can download them form the Ac Market app. Download Ac Market app from
OK, let’s get started;

Defense Zone:

Defense Zone is a strategic game where you have to kill your enemies when they try to go to your country by passing through your baseline.
The enemies try to attack on you using all mean like bots, airplanes, and cars and on foot soldiers. And for defending yourself form them you have to put machines guns in the way to kill them.
When you will play the game you will really enjoy it. It is a good time killing game and is also very appealing and challenging.

Traffic Racer:

Traffic Racer is a car racing game which is popular due to its high quality graphics and super attractive interface. It is also a challenging game here you have to race with other cars, when you end racing you win some money in reward which you can use to upgrade the cars or to buy new ones.
The game become more appealing when you play it with your friends as a challenger.
There is also a special mode in the Traffic Racer game. To unlock that mode you have to buy a Police car and then catch the thief car, once you catch the thief car you get rewarded.
If you love to play car games then you should try this game at least one time.

Angry Birds:

I think there is no need to introduce the angry birds, but I am still introducing it for those people how have never give a try to Angry Birds.
Angry Birds is also a strategic game but here the theme is totally different you have to hit the Pigs and moneys which are aligned in blocks and blocks using some Angry birds.
When you shout them they fell down and you get score. The more blocks you will fall down the more scores you will earn. Once you get your birds freedom your level is cleared and the next level is presented.

So, playing Angry Birds Game is a good source of fun and entertainment.

Wrapping it up!

Now I hope you have enjoyed this article and you have found some interesting games which you will love to play. If you have any other games which you love to play then please let me know about them. I will update the post and will add the new ones.

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