Learning Management System: The Key To Company Success

The Vastly Detailed Company Culture:

Regardless of company size and worth, a fundamental key to the success of any business is well-trained employees who are in sync with its culture and goals. However, a study conducted by the Kenan-Flagler Business School found that only 25 percent of senior leaders believed even their high-level employees were ready to meet their future business needs.

All businesses function according to a number of enumerated and implicit rules, and thereby vary greatly on a case-to-case basis. Therefore, acclimating new hires to the company’s culture can often be a long and difficult process.

To counter this burdensome task, many innovative companies have realized the importance of integrating a learning management system (LMS).

A learning management system is a platform of educational courses that tracks, tests, and trains new employees. In recent years, these systems have revolutionized on-the-job training and has become the most efficient way to educate new hires for both trainers and trainees. 

A Standardized and Uniform Training Process: 

While live instruction may initially sound ideal, even the most well-trained teachers can provide a varied and inconsistent education to each employee. Therefore, in-person employee training can result in new hire education that widely varies according to an inconsistent trainer and training platform. In direct contrast, eLearning trains new hires with uniform instruction and produces employees who are all equally knowledgeable of company policies and protocol.

Assess and Track Employee Progress: 

Although it has become taboo for managers to look over employees’ shoulders, monitoring employee progression is essential to the productivity and success of the business.

To ensure that new employees stay focused and attentive to their work without constant monitoring, LMS periodically assesses their comprehension of the material using multiple choice or open-ended questions.

In addition, this provides employers the opportunity to reward employees who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the material and pay extra attention to those who struggle. 

A Personalized Training Method: 

In a group of new hires, every employee will learn and understand concepts in a different way, according to their own pace. Online training materials gives employees the opportunity to review material on their own time.

As such, if an employee has less education or background in one area of the industry, he or she can take the time to catch up. Online training provides targeted information in a discreet and personalized manner in order to maximize each employee’s potential.

Continuous and Up-To-Date Training: 

As a company’s functions constantly change, employee training is essentially a continual process with an indeterminate end. Therefore, the manager of a company must always amend training material to ensure that employees are regularly in tune with company goals.

While micromanagement is seldom a successful approach, a learning management system allows for continual policy updates, revised strategy, and other integral adaptations in a manner that does not interrupt daily workflow. 

Resource Management: Anytime, Anywhere: 

Learning management systems allow both employees to access the company training platform at any time and from any location.

If an employee needs to refer back to company policy, he or she can do so even without being at the office. In addition, if an employer needs to update or amend any material in the company’s LMS, it possible to execute this remotely as well.  

Integrating LMS Into Your Company: 

The main goal of a learning management system is to simplify and improve computer-based learning and education for both employers and new hires.

The LMS market has been widely successful and only continues to grow—experts speculate that it will be worth $11.34 billion by 2020. As employee training is a top priority for a company to maintain a stable advantage over its competitors, the implementation of a thorough and comprehensive LMS is the first step in jumpstarting a company’s success.

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