How an LMS Can Adapt to Your Company’s Growth

If your new company is growing exponentially, then the training culture in your office space must be a dichotomy of freshly hired employees and experienced veterans. To consolidate the differences in experience and training, and to create a versatile and easily modifiable training process, implementing an effective learning management system (LMS) is the best course of action.

Though you may be operating without a training system or with an outdated program, it is crucial to recognize that LMS technology is evolving very quickly. If you plan on implementing an eLearning program to track the progress of new hires, store data efficiently, or create training courses, choosing the right learning management system is an important step. Without an adequate platform to allow access to data and learning modules, the development of your company can be slow and arduous. 

Growth Capabilities:

As your company expands, you need to hire and train new people, store more data, and track an increasing number of variables. While you may not require certain features at the moment, they’ll eventually be essential to your business’ smooth operation. To that end, you should look for a learning management system that has features that can adapt to your growth potential. Look for an LMS that includes:

     Cloud storage
     Multi-device capabilities

Cloud storage allows you to use and pay for only the space you use. As you store more and more data, you won’t need to buy new hardware onsite; you merely need to expand the amount of storage bytes you’re using on the cloud.

Allowing for the use of many devices expands the flexibility each of your employees can have. They can access data and train from anywhere in the world as long as they have a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Additionally, since a recent Google study found that more people exclusively use their phones each year, a user-friendly interface for mobile devices is a highly functional feature.

Additionally, scalability is one of the most important features your LMS could have. While you might currently only have a small amount of users, you’ll need to have a system that can support the expansion as your company grows. Some learning management systems can host an unlimited amount of users, while others can crash under the pressure of 100 users.

A good LMS should be able to easily manage large amounts of data, support all of its users online, and neatly organize users into appropriate branches of training and management. 

Saving Resources: 

A newly formed start-up doesn’t have many resources; even in the first stages of expansion, you’ll need to monitor your funds, analytic systems, personnel, and more. With an innovative learning management system, you can track all of your resources in one place.

A consolidated data and tracking system will save your company time and money while properly training new employees. When considering which LMS fits your company best, review ones that contain the following features:

     Videos, image, PDF, and text compatibility.
     Gamification and rewards.
     Data protection and global access.
     User-friendly interface.
     Testing, tracking, and certification.
     Performance and accessibility through mobile.
     Compliance with LMS AICC, SCORM, or Tin Can.
     Integration with social media.

All of these features are essential to the continued growth of a company. The right LMS will help you train your employees, track analytics, growth, and progress, connect with your community, and much more. 

Better Trained Employees: 

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Their loyalty, dedication, and hardwork are what can make or break your business. Give them the tools to be effective and efficient with an advanced learning management system.

Having a standardized training manual that is easily accessible and updated keeps all employees informed and knowledgeable, and can improve teamwork and general performance. When all essential company information is consolidated, every employee has the opportunity to review lessons and training often.

Your learning management system should also make it easier to upload and update crucial data to propagate ongoing training even among veteran employees. In fact, Capterra found in its most recent LMS User Industry Report that most companies are using LMS for training, in addition to its other capabilities. 

Research and Testing: 

Not all eLearning systems were created equal, and since each LMS has different features, you’ll need to review the systems that could adapt to a growing company. The best way to ensure a compatible product is to test different systems hands-on. Find companies that allow free trials and demo versions to explore their reliability and performance. Many LMS systems have been crafted specifically to help small businesses and startups achieve their goals, so you’ll easily be able find the one that fits your company structure. 

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