Why People with Diabetes Should Have A Machine To Test Blood Sugar Levels

 In people with diabetes, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or isn't able to use it as required. This leads to excess sugar or glucose in the bloodstream. A handy machine to test blood sugar levels is extremely important as people with diabetes need to monitor their fluctuating sugar levels. A glucometer is a device that instantly measures and displays the amount of glucose or sugar in one's blood. Glucometers also tell you about the management and treatment plan for diabetes.

Why People with Diabetes Should Have A Machine To Test Blood Sugar Levels

Also known as a blood glucose meter, a glucometer is ideal for maintaining a detailed chart and recording your blood sugar levels. People with diabetes can carry this portable machine.

A glucometer is generally available as a kit consisting of the following:

     A testing device that evaluates the blood sugar level.

     Lancets, tiny 24-gauge needles that pierce the tip of the index finger to remove blood to be tested.

     A lancing pen or a holder to keep the lancet in place. Most patients can easily prick themselves directly with the help of a lancet. Moreover, this pen can help eliminate the fear of pain.

     Testing strips to collect blood.

     Batteries, which are to be inserted inside the glucometer device.

     All of this is packed in a carry case to make it easier for daily use.

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Blood Sugar Range

A quick blood test can quickly assess blood sugar levels. There are various blood sugar tests, depending on when the test is performed and how long it has been since the last meal.

     A fasting blood sugar test requires fasting for at least eight hours. Typically, it is performed in the morning on an empty stomach. A reading of 99 mg/dL is the acceptable fasting blood sugar range.

     A glucose tolerance test involves several tests. The patient is instructed to drink glucose water following the initial test. After that, three tests are run concurrently every hour. After two hours of consuming glucose water, the normal blood sugar level should be 140 mg/dL or less.

     A random blood sugar test can be performed whenever needed without fasting. To rule out diabetes, blood sugar levels must be below 200 mg/dL.

Select the best machine for a sugar test

A glucometer is the best friend of a person with diabetes. Here are some parameters to consider before purchasing a glucometer:

     Check for the accuracy offered by the machine.

     The size of the device plays a vital role if the patient needs it to be handy and easy to carry.

     The battery life of the sugar test machine should be high.

     If possible, select a monitor with the option of automatic coding.

     If you need to maintain a journal or record, choose a glucometer with memory and data storage options.

     Faster display and analysis are significant for a sugar testing machine. This plays a major role in emergencies.

     A glucometer must test blood sugar even with a small drop of blood. This way, the patient does not need to collect large quantities of blood.

Types Of Diabetes

Diabetes can be classified into the following types.

  1. In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin. It is also believed that Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition in which cells producing insulin in the pancreas are destroyed or permanently damaged. Type 1 diabetes is also known as diabetes insipidus. Most patients commonly have diabetes insipidus at birth.
  2. In Type 2 diabetes, sufficient insulin is not produced. This type of diabetes is generally a result of various chronic lifestyle decisions. It is also known as diabetes mellitus. This type of diabetes can be easily prevented by making the right decisions in terms of diet, exercise, and healthy choices.
  3. Gestational diabetes is a particular type of diabetes detected in pregnant and lactating women. It is essential to carefully monitor gestational diabetes as it can cause difficulty in repair and bleeding disorders. In most cases, the blood sugar automatically returns to normal after the end of the lactation period. If not, it is essential to consult an endocrinologist.

Management Of Diabetes

Diabetes needs constant care and attention, and a glucometer is necessary to manage one's condition. A patient with diabetes needs to be highly cautious of daily activity.

Here are some tips for managing diabetes with the help of a glucometer.

     A balanced diet can benefit your general health and help you monitor blood sugar levels. Cut back on or stop eating sweets or sugar, depending on your blood sugar level. A glucometer can instantly measure insulin and tell you if your blood sugar levels are spiking.

     The consumption or administration of medications must follow a set timetable. Glucometers can have voice reminders and light warnings to help keep medications on track.

     Keeping a journal or diary where you frequently record your blood sugar readings is vital. Some glucometers can record multiple readings on the monitor to simplify this process.

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Final words

Diabetes is a condition where the body's blood sugar level is altered. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of your health and constantly monitor the sugar levels in the blood. If these levels fluctuate drastically, it can result in fatalities. Thus, a machine that conveniently tests blood sugar levels is essential in the treatment of diabetes.

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