what is gan cube? best practice for increase iq level

 It's a fantastic item, a magnificent innovation, a lovely art, and a profound discovery. For all of its appeal to mathematical ability and rationality, the Cube's widespread popularity may be due to the virtually infinite number of potential solutions. The cube solving enhances the brain's capacity for cognitive mapping. According to MIT News, the best-known example of a configuration issue is figuring out the most effective method to rearrange boxes that are piled in a warehouse. The Rubik's cube is an example of this type of problem. The cubes help improve reflexes, muscle memory, problem-solving, patience, and more. 

what is gan cube

The expansion of innovation and ideas within the existing cubes, from colours to structure, made this thing much more exciting and competitive. The easy accessibility to the cubes alongside the companies like Gan cube, which offer devices to the client to aid them in achieving proficiency through AI, is responsible for the competition among cube enthusiasts. 


Out of numerous ways in which you can increase your solving speed, Practise holds paramount importance. The only method to decrease your solution time is to practise. There isn't a way to avoid it. Practising is necessary to reduce your solving time. However, by using the following advice, practice will be much more successful. The pattern may not get you very far without them. Remember that the majority of these suggestions won't be effective unless you put them to use. 


The Cube and you both affect how long it takes to solve a problem. Let's concentrate on the other: Your solution time will significantly increase if you have a hard-turning cube that is constantly stuck. A high-quality cube will also make practising much more enjoyable and successful, making it much easier to use tricks like finger tricks. Find out what to look for in a cube, what the world record holders like feliks Zemdegs height use, and more by visiting the Gancube store. 

The Gan cube offers different cubes, i.e. Pyraminx, Mega minx, 2X2, and 3X3. 4X4 and additional accessories as well. 


It would be best to practice until you can use the algorithms without considering their notation. To do this, run an algorithm a few times. Eventually, you will be able to run it just from "hands memory" without considering its notation. Your solving time will drop significantly.

Apart from these practical manuals approach, the trend is inclining towards employing the potential of AI to improve speed and efficiency. Gancube came with the whole cube station to help the clients do the same. 

Smart cubes, regular cubes, virtual cubes, GAN Robots, Bluetooth timers, and other devices are all supported by Cube Station. It provides a means for cubers all over the planet to compete online, practise, and learn using artificial intelligence, enabling each participant to savour the thrill of fast cubing.

Every turn you make with the Cube will be recorded by intelligent motion capture technology, and the data collecting and analysis will help you become a better speedcuber. Considerable data training and international real-time combat are two new features of speedcubing that will provide you with new experiences and increase your enjoyment of the app.

The whole idea of Gancube is to endeavour to fuse the elements of manual training with computer intelligence. The AI, apart from motion sensing, is used to scramble, improve the game and much more. 

A whole lot of different cubes made up of classic premium material is the unique USP of the company. So what are you waiting for? Train with us!

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