6 Interesting Things from Bali Safari and Marine Park

 Swimming in various infinity pool Bali is indeed a great pleasure, but you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Various interesting things can be done there, either alone or with your beloved family.

It seems that one day is not enough to explore one of the popular tourist destinations on the Island of the Gods. With proper preparation, you can spend your vacation time exploring every corner of the island.

From Adventure to Relaxation

Normally we will find a tourist spot that offers attractions with the same theme. This is different from the area which is located in Gianyar Regency, Bali. The following are six interesting things, so don't miss them!

Exciting Journey

During the day, you can go on a Safari Journey adventure to see various animals passing by in their habitat. Of course, with maximum protection in a special fleet equipped with bars and glass.

Continue to enjoy the fun with the tamed elephants. You can walk with the animal, riding it through certain routes guided by professional handlers.

Meanwhile, at night, there is a night Safari where visitors will be taken to explore the zoo using a cage vehicle. Feeds lions, tigers, and other carnivorous and herbivorous animals.

Bali Theater Show

If you often find traditional arts such as the Kecak dance in other tourist attractions in Bali and want something else, take the time to watch the Bali Theater. There are exciting shows about various Balinese histories, enriched by high-tech effects that make you feel directly at the scene. The booming sound and the performances by professional Balinese artists are worth every minute.

Lunch Accompanied by Wild Lions

This restaurant offers the concept of Africa and the savanna desert. You can see firsthand how various desert animals, including lions, walk around while doing their activities.

Seems crazy and wild but don’t be afraid to be pounced on because the restaurant area is safe and is lined with soundproof glass, so only you can see the various animals, not them. For sure, it will become one of the favorite restaurants in Bali because it also serves many delicious menus and is ready to satisfy your tongue.

Stay in “Africa”

The hotel offers a bold African concept. Starting from room design to aromatherapy in various rooms. It's as if you're in the original African savanna, and interact directly with the typical animals there.

Rare Tiger Show

You can't go wrong if you travel from Ubud to Bali Safari and Marine Park, many vacation satisfaction will be found there. There is also an interesting thing that should not be missed, like the performance of a trained tiger, with the handler to entertain visitors.

Waterpark and Fun Zone

You can end the excitement of the tour by trying various waterpark and fun zone rides. Not only suitable for children but also to make adults addicted.

Don't hesitate to spend time at Bali Safari and Marine Park. You can try the sensations of all the interesting things above. Surely you will not be bored and ready to make this tourist destination a favorite to visit on your next vacation.

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