Do's and Dont's of a Cross Country Relocation

 Relocation is a tough process for anyone, and moving cross country only adds to the stress. Here are some quick tips and tricks you can keep in mind before all your worldly possessions end up at your new house:

Do's of a Cross Country Relocation

·          Look into local housing markets; prices vary from place to place.

·          Search out realtors in your area of choice.

·          If you decide to buy a home, be sure to get an inspection done before buying the property; most homes come with various hidden issues that might not show up for months or even years after moving in.

·          Always ask for help. Searching for interstate movers is the ideal thing to do when relocating cross country.

·          Have fun! You are moving across the country to start a new life with your loved ones. Do not stress about packing or unpacking; look at it as an adventure of discovery!

·          When packing up your things, pack smart. You do not want to come across anything you forgot about in six months.

·          Start the new job search before moving if possible; this is especially useful for people relocating to a new area where they have no connections. Many companies will hire out-of-state employees after they have relocated or even pay for relocation themselves; it is valuable to them.

·          Look into local attractions, landmarks, and events. Visiting parks, restaurants, stadiums/arenas, etc., will give you a feel for the area before moving all of your belongings there.

·          Check if your new location has a local paper; they often contain coupons and extraordinary deals you can take advantage of.

·          The best way to make new friends is by joining local clubs and organizations; this will give you a reason to get out of the house.

·          Figure out how long it takes to get from place to place in your new location and plan accordingly. You do not want to be late for work every day because traffic was far worse than usual that morning.

·          It is an excellent idea to learn some key phrases in the native language of your new location. Whether you are going somewhere on vacation or for an extended stay, locals will appreciate it if you show some knowledge of their country's customs and practices.

·          When all else fails, smile. You are in a new place with new people! A positive outlook will go a long way toward making the transition easier.

Dont's of a Cross Country Relocation

·          Do not go into debt for your move; it may be cheaper upfront, but it will cost you in the end.

·          Don't make rash decisions; remember, this is a big change and should be done with thought and care.

·          If you are planning on buying a home, check out other homes in your area before making an offer. Make sure you won't be overpaying and take advantage of any available market conditions that might help you get a better deal.

·          Do not be afraid to ask for help. Moving is a huge undertaking and can be a dangerous proposition if you move by yourself or with just one other person.

·          Don't forget about what your friends think! If you have been talking for years about finally relocating together, make sure they are still up for it after moving day comes.

·          Do not get too comfortable in one place; always maintain a sense of curiosity about the world around you, and where you live will be all the more special because of its difference from every other part of the planet.

·          Be flexible when starting a new job search; even though there may have been several open positions at your previous company that did not pan out, there is still a very good chance you will find something else quickly at your new location.

·          Don't worry if the first few weeks or months are rough; it may take that long to get settled into your home and job before everything feels like it should.

·          Don't give up on making friends during relocation; keep in touch with people you already know via phone, email, social media (if they use it), etc. Even though you're not right next to each other anymore doesn't mean you can't still be close!

·          Don't agree to take someone else's belongings because you feel like they will get in the way if you don't; it is better to turn down a relative or friend than to end up with an entire U-Haul full of items that were not wanted.

·          Don't forget about what your family thinks! If anything is significant to any other family members, make sure everyone agrees on how best to accommodate them during the relocation process.

·          Don't jump at every job offer that comes along; take your time and figure out which companies are worth working for and which ones aren't. You want a company that values its employees and offers opportunities for growth within the company and industry as a whole.

Additional Tips

·          You do not have to be rich in order to start a new life somewhere else. Moving doesn't have to break the bank if you are wise about what you choose to bring with you and how much it will cost. Keeping your options open and planning ahead will help keep daily expenses low and stress levels manageable. Make sure to budget for everything before hitting the road!

·          Keep an open mind; even though some things may frustrate or irritate you during relocation, try not to let those little details get in the way of what is truly important: exploring a new place and making new memories with those closest to you. Remember, all experiences make up who we are as individuals and part of the human race.

·          Do not forget to keep moving forward even though things may be different from what you are accustomed to; embrace those differences as much as possible and make them a part of your life as quickly as you can! In time, it will feel like this was meant to happen all along.


Moving across the country is not easy, but it doesn't have to be an experience you remember as horrible. Take your time planning out all of your details for relocation and make sure they are done right. Suppose you are careful, caring, flexible, open-minded, curious, willing to ask for help when needed, willing to give up some things that don't matter to bring along more important items/people/memories, willing to explore new places and ideas no matter how different they may be from what you know now. You'll find the road less traveled leads straight towards a better life!

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