Ten ways to quickly get real followers on Instagram

First, you need to decide for what purposes the account will be used:

- Post photos to share with your friends. The number of subscribers does not matter.

- Desire to become a famous media personality. The more subscribers, the closer the popularity and the opportunity to make good money on your account.

- The company pursues a commercial goal by promoting the brand and its products. The main task is to attract the target audience, increase brand awareness and awareness among potential buyers, and increase sales. 

Now let's try to figure out how to get free Instagram followers on your own. We offer several recommendations:

- Create a business account. To work more effectively with the profile, transfer it to the "Business" status. This will make it possible to use the statistics of the account and publications. Plus, the buttons "Call," "E-mail," and "Show on the map" will appear. With these features, customers and advertisers can quickly contact you. A business account allows you to run official advertising. Herewith, if you need an alternative system to boost your followers then Followers Gallery is the right choice for you.

Main Key Features of Followers Gallery:

1. A easy way to obtain unlimited Instagram likes and followers.

2. 100% high-quality and active Instagram likes and followers.

3. Immediate and dependable delivery, the boost will be visible in 24 hours.

4. Totally safe and clean. No malware, no risk, no virus.

5. They are Professional and offering quality customer service.


- Team up with like-minded people. For example, an employer registered a corporate profile and added it to his employees on 20-30 phones since the Instagram interface allows you to switch between accounts quickly. Now everyone will be able to upload their photos and videos to a standard corporate page. 

- Use your contacts to get your first Instagram followers. In the "Options" section, allow the application to access contacts and subscribe to friends from the phone book, and in return, they will also become your followers. This will give you a lively and loyal audience. And if you log into your account from a friend's phone and follow the same procedure, you will get even more subscribers. 

- Add a description and hashtags to each posted photo, then you will be found by random people interested in a specific topic. Use the following types of hashtags:

1. Narrow thematic;

2. Branded;

3. Popular, widespread.


- Apply geolocation. Attach your location to each photo. This is useful if you want, for example, to attract subscribers to an event. For the function to work, you need to enable "Geodata transfer" in the phone settings. 

- To gain Instagram followers yourself, use mutual likes. Search for thematic hashtags and geolocation to find users whose content is similar to yours. Like, subscribe to their pages and wait for feedback. If it has not been received, you can remove the subscriptions that did not yield results.

 - Grab the attention of your followers. Try to take time every day to put likes, post new publications. Encouraging comments left on the pages of stars work effectively. They can grab the attention of people who like your idea. We recommend that you pay attention to who your subscribers want and join them. 

- On various social platforms and portals, post links to profiles, including Instagram. 

- Another effective way to get followers on Instagram yourself is cross-posting or you can use Task Ant to gain more followers. Use it to share photos and videos with your followers on other social networks. 

- Run contests. This method is more suitable for commercial accounts as it is paid. The competition organization can be compared to an effective advertising campaign that will give a very quick result.

So, no tricks or cheats. These ten ways to quickly and almost free of charge to gain followers on Instagram will help you take your account to a higher level and even start earning.

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