Why kids movies will always work for them

Why should there be movies for kids? I mean, what do kids have to learn from the film; at this point, they need to focus on their studies? How many times, we may have heard these comments, a lot of, aren’t it? But surprisingly, movies for kids have their advantages; and should always watch movies here.
Now by reading between the lines, if you have that “big why” in your mind, then you should just read on more to understand why kid’s movies are preferably made for them. The current write up is also intended to make you learn about the latest Telugu movies, especially produced by keeping in mind a child’s mentality and learning abilities.

Children should always understand that real life is much more difficult, but that scenario has been taken care of in most of the kid’s movies. Most of the movies have always maintained that decorum of bringing whatever is useful to them. You know why?

·         Kids should always understand what is right and what is evil?

In our kind of movies, we may have that suspense as to who is right and who is wrong; however, in the case of many of that kid’s stuff, villains are always clear cut. With this, kids tend to develop that clear sense of responsibility and value of morality in them. They have a clear understanding of differentiation and will learn how to counteract these situations.

·         Life is always not sing-a-long

In most of the movies that are made for the general audience, we tend to get disturbed due to songs every 10 minutes. However, in movies specially made for children, there are minimal songs, which make them understand that life is always not a sing-a-long. They can easily sense that life is not like a Disney movie; they need to work hard to achieve something good.

·         Friendship is forever, and everything is alright at the end

In movies for children, friends are forever, and ever, children have very positive reflections from such movies. May it is in friendship, any issues, health problems; these movies always present that everything is alright at the end.
Curious to know, which are the available movies in Telugu that are specifically made for kids?

Little Soldiers

The movie revolves around two naughty kids, named Sunny, the elder one, and Bunny, the younger one. At first instance, things are very easy for them; and they are just naughty kids who take pleasure in missing their studies and being mischievous. However, things take a different turn when they suddenly become orphans due to sudden car accidents and have to cope up with their new guardians, who are strict and disciplined. Check out what happens to them and how they have to adjust with their new guardians.


Goutham, a private security guard, is very ambitious, although he is working as a security guard. His ambition to be rich provokes him to buy lottery tickets. He keeps on consulting with his grandfather to get the lesson of his life. In the initial period, life is always testing his patience and is quite disappointing for him; but later on, it has something special for him. There is so much adventure that kids just love this film.

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