Angriya Cruise 101: India's First Domestic Cruise Liner

The year 2018 saw the launch of India’s first-ever cruise ship service for passengers, Angriya. Named after the first Maratha Navy Admiral Kanhoji Angre famously known as Shivaji of the Indian Ocean, the cruise ship Angriya is a joint venture between Angriya Sea Eagle Private Limited and Mumbai Port Trust. As the first domestic cruise service, Angriya started on a trial run from Mumbai’s cruise terminal on 24th May 2018 and arrived at Goa the next day, 25th May.

What To Expect?

For those who are planning to spend a fine holiday, dividing their time between Mumbai and Goa, the option of a cruise ship services like Angriya is open and they can opt for this service from either Mumbai or Goa. The tickets for the Angriya cruise start from a minimum of something around six thousand and five hundred rupees. The cost may appear a bit expensive when put into comparison with other modes of traveling but provided the sixteen hours of luxurious sailing which you will have, it is worth it for once at least.

Seep into the delightful voyage of Angriya. Source: The Financial Express

The scenic view of the ocean along with the panorama of the Konkan coastline makes the journey a beautiful and memorable one. The cruise vessel also has a lounge and can be used for social occasions ranging from wedding receptions to feast to corporate conferences and business meetings. You will get the feeling of staying in a floating 5-star hotel. In addition to that, you will be provided with two meals and brunch as inclusive to your journey.

About The Ship

The Angriya cruise features a wide range of sophisticated facilities. As a unique and first of its kind luxury cruise vessel for passengers, Angriya is India’s first Class 4 River Sea Passenger Vessel (RSPV) registered under The Directorate General of Shipping. Manufactured in Japan, the cruise is a 131-meters long passenger ship with a total of seven decks.

With built-in with two powerful Pielstick 18PC 2-6 engines, generating nearly 27000 BHP, the Angriya cruise has the power to reach the maximum speed of twenty-five knots. To add to its honor, Angriya is India’s one of the most well-equipped cruise vessels with the best marine evacuation faculty and emergency response systems.

Facilities Provided In Angriya

The cruise deck of the mighty Angriya has eight different types of restaurants, a bunch of coffee shops, recreation rooms, a lounge, and a swimming pool. There is a wide range of rooming facilities varying from ‘couple’ rooms, family rooms, ‘buddy’ rooms to luxury pods and groups. Thus, one can make a choice as per his or her arrangement or plans.

With the assistance of the ship’s captain Nitin Dhond, who is also the owner,  you can gain some valuable insights about the history of the region and other miscellaneous nautical pieces of information. The Angriya cruise has an accommodating facility of around three hundred and fifty passengers.

Government Planning On Capitalising The Cruise Market

The Indian state of Goa is one of the most favored tourist destinations in the country. Now it is gaining momentum for a famous cruise destination as well. The state has seen a rise of almost a 4.70% increase in 2019 in the total arrival compared to the year prior to that. Mumbai, on the other hand, is also emerging as a cruise destination and is projected to receive 259 cruise ships in 2019-2020 alone with an approximate estimation of 1.8 lakh passengers as compared to a minimal of 40 cruise vessels with around 38,000 passengers in the calendar year of 2015-2016. In fact, among the five ports (Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, Kochi, and Chennai) that receive cruise vessels in India, Mumbai, as of now, has been the recipient of the maximum number of the cruise ships.

In the light of such tourist flow in both Goa and Mumbai, the government, in order to boost cruise tourism in India has proposed the linking of different tourist places in India. Angriya cruise ship is one such endeavor, which links the port of Goa with that of Mumbai - two of the major cruise destination sites.

Experts suggest that the growth of cruise tourism in the different parts of the country would play a major role in providing employment opportunities to a large number of youths looking for jobs. The government is also encouraging private operators to step and put in this venture and reap the benefits of this emerging industry. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, who previously held water resource portfolios had remarked that every year India receives an average of 80 cruise vessels but that the government is now planning to raise the number to a whopping 950 cruise liners in the next five years.

It seems to be a good option for the tourists than to grab an opportunity of this booming sector. With the Angriya cruise being the first of the lot, it already has built prestige and value of its own. Therefore, if you happen to be in Mumbai or Goa or are planning a cruise vacation check out for Angriya and enjoy the journey
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