The Ultimate Guide to Fragrance Buying Experience in Canada: What's best for you

Perfumes and colognes not only make someone look attractive but also it gives a long-lasting impression about you. There are many smells of perfumes in the market today. So it is very important to know what smell will be the best fit for you. How to know which smell would be fit for your style and personality? Here is the ultimate guide in buying fragrance from the #1 Online Perfume Outlet to buy Fragrance in Canada-

     Choose the type of Concentration

 There are types of concentration to choose from.

  1. Parfum- the version of perfume that has the highest concentration. This type of perfume can last longer and has the highest price because of its high concentration of fragrance.
  2. Eau de Parfum- the next high concentration after parfum and one of the most common types of perfume. This type of perfume can last up to five hours on average. It also less expensive than Parfum. And can be suitable for everyday wear.
  3. Eau de Toilette- it is cheaper after Eau de Parfum and the most popular type of fragrance available in the market and usually worn in daywear. It normally lasts up to 3 hours.
  4. Eau de Cologne- Eau de Cologne, or EDC, has the lowest concentration compared to the above types of fragrance. It is a cheaper type and can last up to 2 hours.

     Choosing your scent

Choosing the scent that would match your own style and personality is important, choose the perfume that you want. Try a new fragrance and choose what suits you. Always go for the scent that makes you happy and feels attracted. You may choose from heavy perfumes to refreshing the mild scent of perfume. There are many types of scents to choose from.

  1. Oriental Scents- These perfumes are a mix of musk, amber, Oud and cinnamon. This kind of scent is usually worn at night because they are of heavy type and strong.
  2. Woody and earthy scent- This is a mix of sandalwood and spices.
  3. Sweet sugary scent- This is sweet perfumes and similar to the smell of sweet food such as fruits, caramel or candy. Young women prefer these perfumes.
  4. Flowery and fruity Perfumes- This kind of scent is a combination of certain flowers and fruits.
  5. Fresh Scents perfumes- This perfumes make your scent "clean" and is usually worn during summer.

Selection of perfume also vary from time to time. During winter it is preferable to use warm perfumes while in the summertime it is recommended to use refreshing perfumes. Morning perfumes should be light and refreshing perfumes while in the evening it requires to have a heavy and exciting scent of perfumes. And do not forget to take into consideration your skin in choosing the type of scent. Fragrance reacts with different types of skin. You can take a test of the perfume on your skin and leave it for a while and decide if it suits you.
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