5 Best Health Insurance Plans for Working Professionals

Considering having health insurance for yourself or the protection of your family? In the last few years, the medical insurance market has shown great promise. There have been so many discoveries, research and studies show that changes in a commoner’s life, increased also the chances of having a critical illness. A medical emergency can happen anytime and with anyone, no matter if you have the budget to afford it or not. It is wise you get an insurance plan for yourself and your family. 

The consequences of not getting health insurance can lead a person to pay high treatment prices almost enough to put a hole in the pocket of a normal person. So, especially if you are a working professional you must invest in a health insurance plan that is within your budget and gives you great coverage. 

To help you decide better here are five best health insurance policies in India that you can consider you for yourself or the protection of your family. 

#1 Apollo Munich Easy Health  

It is simply one of the best one among the others. There Apollo Munich Health Insurance offers Apollo Munich Easy Health, where a person can secure his or her health expenditure. There are multiple benefits that the insurance policy offers, such as:  

        The insurance offers in-patient treatment which is helpful to get a cover against the expenses you have to bear during hospitalization for more than 24 hours. 

        Provide pre-hospitalization cover facility: It allows you to get cover against the medical expenses that take place in 60 days before the hospitalization. Also, the post-hospitalization coverage for medical expenses after the hospitalization. 

        Daycare expenses of 144 types. 

        Exclusive Domiciliary Treatment Expenses which is a beneficial feature that allows you to leverage medical treatment at home which would have otherwise required hospitalization. This feature allows you to have the comfort of home during a medical emergency.
There are several other features that make it the best choice for a working professional. The above-mentioned features were some salient features.

#2 ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance- iHealth

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Plan is another good plan to give you good coverage at great prices. Here are some outstanding points that differentiate it from other Health insurance plans are available.

        The plan overs a range of benefits such as cashless hospitalization, free health check-up, free look period of 15 days, emergency ambulance cover and much more. The plan also comes with a lifelong renewability option and in addition to it, it covers other treatment expenses and hospitalization expenses. Also, it has an out of the box, expense cover for daycare treatment. 

#3 Religare Health Insurance- Care 

Next in line is Religare health insurance, it a comprehensive health insurance plan and hence is recommended by many experts. It covers you and your family against financial risks that come during medical emergencies. It provides also facilitation of multiple member benefits, so it is great if you are looking out a plan for your family. 

        It provides coverage for expenses related to room rent, daycare procedures, and ICU charges. It also has domiciliary, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization, ambulance and medical check-up charges’ coverage. 

        This plan gives you cover against the medical expense during your treatment at home from a period of exceeding 3 consecutive days. So, you don’t have to worry about expenses during your home treatment. 

        There is no upper age limit of enrolment, this applies to all plans that come with Religare. 

#4. Bajaj Allianz Health-Guard

Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company is one of the biggest insurance companies in India and has some very innovating and comprehensive health plans. The Bajaj Allianz Health Guard is one of the best plans that have the affordability and coverage needs of working professionals. The insurance policy offers the needful cover through which you can get quality treatment and don’t have to worry about the expenses. The cover offers you help to get the best medical treatment and give you financial security to afford it. The plan has some amazing things to offer you life: 

        The plan offers coverage against pre and post-hospitalization expenses. It includes out-of-the-box consultation, medicine, investigation coverage. 

        It also comes with lifelong renewability of the plan.

        It also has a network of 4000 hospitals all across India, and that too with cashless facility. 

#5. Max Bupa Health Companion Health Insurance Plan

Max Bupa Health Insurance, another most trusted health insurance plans offer you Health Companion Health Insurance Plan which is a customizable insurance policy. It gives you more scalability and you can create a plan on your own as per your own needs. 
Some of the other important features of the plan are: 
        Coverage for all hospitalization, including pre and post-hospitalization charges.

        You get to avail in-patient treatment under Aayush up to the base sum insured. 

        Daily cash allowance etc. 

Final Thought 

There is no doubt Health Insurance Plans are a necessity as there is so much uncertainty in our lives. It is wise to ensure your health in advance so that you can easily fight off the unseen medical expenses that can pop up anytime and anywhere in our lives. 

The above-mentioned health plans are just a way to help you find the right plan for you and your family. Just make sure you are going through every aspect of the policies, reading terms and conditions closely and then finally making a decision to buy a plan. 
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