8 Upgrades to Make Your Kitchen Look More Luxurious

Remodeling your kitchen to make it look more luxurious can definitely be a huge task. You have to get the perfect balance between functionality and class. Thankfully, there are a few ways to help you achieve just that. Considering the appliances, lighting, and other things that our kitchen requires, we can widen our options to help us get that perfect luxury look.

Getting a luxurious-looking kitchen need not necessarily be expensive. By smartly incorporating elements that can give your kitchen a rich look can definitely help you achieve your dream at a lower cost. Read on as we discuss a few ways in which you can get makes your kitchen more bespoke.

Luxury Upgrade #1: Changing Your Countertop

This point becomes even more necessary if your the countertop is the focal point of your kitchen which in most cases is.

You need to invest in countertop materials that look posh like granite, wood, stainless steel, or tiles. If you’re ready to spend more, you can also opt for marble countertops for that clean, Hollywood look.
Before you settle on a countertop, think about the style that you want your kitchen to have. And, since you are already spending so much on your countertop try to keep minimum things on it to make it a statement in your kitchen.

Luxury Upgrade #2: Installing An Advanced Dishwasher

In this case, you are killing two birds with one stone. Dishwashers look sleek and add class to a kitchen while making your dish cleaning chore easier. At the moment, there are so many different styles and colors available in the market that you won't have any trouble finding one that would suit your vision.

They can also double as a hiding spot for your dirty dishes making your kitchen appear clean and sanitary for the most part of the day. With the advanced technology available, you can buy dishwasher models that do all the work in the case of cleaning dishes as well.

Luxury Upgrade #3: Opt for Chandeliers or Pendants

A sure-shot way to make your kitchen look fancy is by installing chandeliers or pendants for kitchen lights. Replace your traditional tube lights with these for that necessary bling and flash to your kitchen space. You’ll see the instant change that lighting can bring to your kitchen, making it look far more bespoke.

When you're shopping for lighting, keep in mind to buy products that are in-sync with the style of your kitchen. Most of us make the mistake of buying clashing light pieces.

Luxury Upgrade #4: Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play an important role to make your kitchen look sophisticated. With time, they tend to ward off a dated feel with dirt, dents, scratches, nicks, and whatnot on its surface.

For a remodeling, you can either get your entire cabinet replaced with a more contemporary (or a vintage) style, or if you don’t want to spend that much, you can simply cover them with a fresh coat of paint. Try to opt for lighter colors to make your kitchen look bigger while simultaneously concealing any defects on them. Don’t forget to repair any broken parts of your cabinets as well. Broken cabinets will defeat the purpose of owning a luxurious-looking kitchen.

Luxury Upgrade #5: Invest in a Good-looking and Functional Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is another focal point of most kitchens in addition to the countertop. An instant way to give a rich feel to your kitchen is by opting for a stylish kitchen faucet. Not only is this hardware easy to replace, but it can make your kitchen look rich and advanced. Opting for a touch-sensitive kitchen faucet can also make for a cool addition to your kitchen.

You can also change other hardware fittings in your kitchen like doorknobs, drawer pulls, and other fittings.

Luxury Upgrade #6: Explore Your Creative Side for the Storage

Every kitchen needs to have efficient storage. But, it need not be boring. There’s just so much that you can do to add a trendy look to your kitchen.

You can opt for fun and quirky storage pieces or classic pieces with a contemporary feel. Stackable drawers printed cloth box, glass blocks or stainless steel baskets - you have so many options to decide from! Just don’t forget the efficiency part and you’ll be good to go.

Luxury Upgrade #7: Hang Artwork in Your Kitchen

Art is synonymous with luxury. By hanging pieces of art in your kitchen, you can add personality to it. You can go for bold and colorful choices as well as the traditional fruit basket frames. They can all be a great source of element making your kitchen pack a punch.

If you can place a few statement pieces of decor as well. You can opt for something made in marble or steel. That's if it goes with the style of your kitchen.

Luxury Upgrade #8: Keep Your Kitchen Minimalistic

Having too many appliances or utensils in your kitchen will make it look crowded and cheap. The key factor for an expensive-looking kitchen is minimalism. Keep things clean and away to make your kitchen appear grander and spacious. Try to incorporate more stainless steel products for that added class.

Remove things that you haven't been using for years, things that have been damaged as well as things that you don't need in your kitchen. This will immediately bring a whole lot of difference in your kitchen, for sure.
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