How to Cure a Cracked Anal Fissure Permanently

A real experience-

A couple of weeks back, a terrible itching started in my anal region which was not stopping. The itching was so bad that it caused me embarrassment at my place of work also.

A few days later, when I was sitting on the toilet there was a piercing pain in my anal region. I thought that I’ll pass out. I gathered a sense of my surroundings and got back on my feet a couple of minutes later. But as soon as I stood up, I saw streaks of blood on the toilet. Seeing blood with my stool, I was scared to death. I came out of the toilet feeling helpless as well as confused about what I should do.

I tried various home remedies in the hope that this will cure the condition. I applied aloe vera as well as soothing wipes to the affected area but nothing seemed to work. I went to the nearest clinic where the physician examined me and prescribed me some painkillers and also ointments. On his recommendation, I ate all kinds of healthy foods and drank almost 8 to 10 glasses of water regularly for a week. The pain subsided and the bleeding also eventually stopped.

As I was skeptical of going under-the-knife, he thought of home remedies for fissure treatment. I came across Divya Patanjali and the different products associated with it.

I got the products at one once. I used them for fifteen days with the prescribed dosage regularly. I was finally relieved of the burning sensation and was back to his normal state of being. But to dismay and dire luck the pain as well as burning the pain relapsed.

Unfortunately after a couple of days later, the same pain occurred when I was on the toilet and again there was bleeding. This time the pain didn’t subside like the previous time. I decided this is something serious and requires medial help from somebody with high-experience.  I could also feel that some pus was oozing out from this region. I wiped the region with a tissue paper and could see blood on it. There was a terrible smell from the paper.

What is an anal fissure?

An anal fissure is a tear in the soft tissue of the anal opening.  The percentage of people suffering from fissures has multiplied exponentially in metropolitan cities including Hyderabad. Almost everybody opts for a home remedy first for curing fissures but ultimately these don’t prove to be so effective.

Are you somebody looking for a cure for anal fissures? Are you able to relate to my condition? You can try these home remedies which helped me get some relief from the discomfort.


The best practices for maintaining a healthy body starts at home. So try these simple DIYs to lower your chances of fissures-

       Eat a fiber-rich meal so that during a bowel movement, you don’t have to strain much. Increase the amount of fiber you eat by eating more wheat bran, whole grains including brown rice, oatmeal, and wholegrain pasta, cereals, etc. Consume peas and beans, citrus fruits, etc.
       Try fiber supplements if you are unable to get enough fiber from food. This will help you avoid gas and cramping, this will help you keep the stool soft and ensure a regular bowel movement.
       Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of caffeine-free fluids helps in curing fissures. Caffeine causes dehydration in the body.
       Use stool softeners. This aids in having a smooth as well as a regular bowel movement.
       Take warm baths for 15-20 minutes several times a day helps in relieving some of the anal pain
       Apply topical anesthetics like lidocaine also helps in relieving some of the pain
       Don’t irritate the skin by using such as scented soaps or bubble baths.
       Clean and dry the anal area after each bowel movement


You can try over the counter (OTC) medications also to soothe out the pain. But before using them, it is better if you consult with a doctor first.
       Nitroglycerin ointments- These work by relaxing the muscles in the anal region which allows more blood flow into the affected area. The side-effect of using this medication is that it causes mild to severe headaches.
       Calcium channel blockers- This type of medication works by lowering the blood pressure in the anal region. The adverse effect is that they can cause headaches.

Laser Treatment And Anal Fissure

Surgeries have proven to be most-effective when performed with the most-advanced laser-based procedures. Laser-based procedures are beneficial for both patients as well as doctors. USDFA- approved laser surgery is a successful and quick way of treating anal fissure. The scalpel used in conventional procedures is replaced by a laser beam hence there are very minimal chances of bleeding. There are cases of bleeding in very rare situations.

Benefits of laser surgery for patients 

    This technique is carried out throughout the influence of anesthesia. Therefore, the patient is unable to feel any pain during a laser-based procedure. It is possible that he or she may feel a little discomfort and pain after the surgery.
     As there are minimum cuts and incisions as possible, so the chances of infection are also reduced to almost zero.
       If you do not show any sign of any complication, the doctor might discharge you on the same day of the surgery.
     Very few people have reported about a relapse of fissures after undergoing the laser-based procedure.

About the Author

This article provided by Dr Pankaj Sareen. He is Prolologist having 8+ years working in the health care industry. He Treats Diseases like Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Hernia, etc working in Delhi NCR. In Part-time he keeps writing about his experience and these diseases. He spends his free time watching the cricket, hanging out with his dog Biscuit.
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