Planning A Trip To Mauritius? - Get Yourself Acquaint With the Tips For Luxury Adventures

It is my belief, Mauritius would have been created first and then heaven; heaven is just the replica of "Mauritius". It treasures miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches, is a beautiful island off the east coast of Southern Africa that definitely needs to be on your bucket list!
This spot was part of my 2019 bucket list, and I am regretting that I should have visited this mini-Hawaii way before. The island with lush mountains and a few waterfalls, plus endless crystal clear beaches -will amaze you. The local dwellers are amicable and welcoming, you will experience delicious food, and you will have an amusing time catching glimpses of the extinct - do not miss out on Dodo bird - is an extinct flightless bird found on the island of Mauritius.

I would be sharing my experience with you - here is a plan of what to do and where to stay in Mauritius for a week - This plan is a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Additionally, I would highlight a few important points like - essential travel tips, where to book you flights to get the best offers on flights and accommodations, and a lot more - sit back and go through this article.

Where is Mauritius?

This is for people who have heard about this heaven but are unaware of its geographical location - is a small town - which you would probably not find on the maps unless you search for it. It is to the east of Madagascar, and near to Comoros, Reunion Island and Seychelles!
The island is on the Indian Ocean that means the ocean water is blue, clear, and warm! You can experience lots of beautiful ocean wildlife - ensure you do not plan your trip during Cyclone season - Cyclone season is January to March.

Language, Ethnicity, Religion

Mauritius was first discovered by Arabs and followed by the Portuguese way back in the 1500s.
Languages in Mauritius: Though the Mauritian constitution has not mentioned an official language - the dominant language in the mass media, as‌ ‌well‌ ‌as‌ ‌corporate‌ ‌offices, is French. Mauritian Creole is spoken by the majority of the population and is considered as the native language of the country.
Religion: Roman Catholic

§  Mauritius: Adventure Activities Await: The diverse culture, rich cuisine, and mind-blasting beaches - this mountainous island that has burst dramatically from the Indian Ocean, offers some exciting activities. Here you go with the list of adventure activities:

    ·   Climbing Le Morne Brabant: Ultimate High

Looking from the sublime beaches of Le Morne Peninsula in Mauritius - you will see the peaceful azure waters, waves crashing on the reef beyond, and many other picturesque views. After a couple of hours' of hiking up, you will not have to imagine any longer - but will perceive the most beautiful view.

    ·     Electric Cycles: Mountain biking with a boost

The hill is known for its chilly vibes - a hamlet of Chamarel located in southwest Mauritius is famous for novel adventure: Electric Mountain cycling.  A local company imports the battery boosted bikes and offers this novel adventure to tourists - to tour in and around the area. This new adventure is for the fitness freak who likes pedaling, you can easily tackle the steep hills without calling on the battery.

      ·         Helicopter tour - The hue picture

Sometimes we really do not feel like hiking and want to reach the heights, this is possible in Mauritius with a short helicopter tour. Pilots generally cruise low over fringes of the island's - for tourists to look straight into the clear water before reaching a specified altitude. You will experience an amazing view when you reach the top of Pieter Mountain - that has a massive balanced rock resembles a human head.

      ·         Kite Surfing

If you are amateur in kite surfing, then try out the kite surfing with the steady winds off the reed at Le Morne Peninsula - it is considered as the best place for beginners to learn. There is no shortage of top-notch instructors. You can also try adventures like - Seakarting, Jet-Ski, and many other aquatic adventures.

Where To Stay In Mauritius

I had clubbed Madagascar and Mauritius trips - After getting exhausted with an extremely long and rugged road trip around Madagascar, I decided to stay at Four Seasons Mauritius Resort Anahita - took a beautiful two-bedroom villa. Four Season property is massive and can be easily located - is based on the beautiful southwestern coast of Mauritius.  Another excellent option to stay in - the Westin Turtle Bay Resorts and Spa - located in the northern area of Mauritius - in close proximity to the main city.
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Some Of The Best Food You Must Try

The migrants, settlers, slaves or servants all brought a variety of cuisines to Mauritius. Here I have listed the delicacies of Mauritius. Curries, Farata, Alouda, Bois Cheri Tea, Dim sums, Mauritian Biryani, must try mouthwatering seafood, Dholl Puri, Coconut cake, and lot more to tantalize your taste buds.

How To Book Your Flight - Easiest Way

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