Great Staycations That Will Make Your Trip to Makkah More Special

A trip to Makkah in Saudi Arabia is always special. The historic, holy city has no shortage of diversity, heritage, and culture. Well known for its Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages, it’s worth visiting any time of the year.

That’s why a staycation in Makkah is one that is memorable. You’ll return refreshed in mind, body, and spirit, with memories that will last a lifetime.

To make your staycation even more memorable, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best luxury hotels in Makkah.

Choose one, and rest assured, you’ll have an experience that’s second to none.

Shaza Makkah

An elegant, upscale hotel, the Shaza Hotel Makkah is within the precincts of Al Masjid Al Haram in the new Jabal Ka’aba district and offers great views, too.

With beautifully decorated bedrooms and suites, you’ll find it to be a unique haven of serenity. 
The exclusive restaurants and meeting spaces within this luxury hotel in Makkah is made more special by professional and exclusive services that leave no stone unturned.

A staycation at this five-star hotel in Makkah will leave you longing to return to the Shaza Makkah’s contemporary and international interpretation of the Arabian culture and heritage.

Raffles Makkah Palace

An elite all-suite hotel with terrific views of the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba in its architecture and its interiors, Raffles Makkah Palace is inspired by the heritage, culture, and faith of the Middle East.

The Raffles Makkah Palace is a hotel next to Al Masjid Al Haram, known as the Grand Mosque, which means it provides convenient access to its main entrance.

This Makkah hotel has won the World Travel Awards for luxury for many years in a row. A warm welcome and a rich experience are almost guaranteed whenever you are visiting.

Luxurious restaurants and gender-segregated spas and gyms complete the picture, providing a staycation that’s hard to say no to.

Conrad Makkah

The distinctive Conrad Makkah is a short drive from the Al Masjid al-Haram. Here, the luxury is contemporary, and the hospitality is warm.

You’ll find the rooms spacious and comfortable, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. There are also excellent private and public dining options, with sumptuous fares.

It goes without saying that recreation and fitness are also well provided for. In fact, there’s a wealth of luxury services and amenities that will enrich your Makkah staycation here.

Four Points by Sheraton Makkah Al Naseem

This stylish hotel accommodation in Makkah offers great views of the city and the Al Rahji Mosque. One of its special features are the allocation of productive work-spaces in the rooms, for those who can’t switch off even during staycations?

It boasts elegant décor and professional service. If that’s not enough, the hotel also contains a retail area and a supermarket.

The facilities for dining and fitness are no less impressive, thereby making Four Points by Sheraton a notable choice for your Makkah staycation.

Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel

This is adjacent to the Masjid Al Haram and the Makkah Clock Royal Tower, and it is the closest hotel to the Kaaba. Uniquely, it’s also one of the world’s tallest buildings, with 76 floors.

Comfort and elegance are to be taken for granted in this hotel in Makkah. As for convenience, there are also elevators that allow easy access to and from the Al-Masjid al-Haram.

Captivating views and uncompromising service make any staycation here special. The facilities for relaxation and fitness, as well as beautifully appointed living spaces, will make this a luxurious home away from home.

Makkah is a beautifully hypnotic city indeed. And any kind of staycations you are planning in this mesmerizing city is, trust us, going to be an epic experience of a lifetime. The aforementioned staycations can go a long way towards easing your booking headaches. So go ahead and start booking!
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