Here’s Why Workplace Harassment Training Is So Important

Here’s Why Workplace Harassment Training Is So Important

Since the #MeToo movement began, more and more stories of harassment are creating headlines across the country. From instances of CEOs stepping down amid harassment to more dramatic stories of ongoing, sustained institutional abuse, you certainly don't want your business or corporation appearing in the same sentence with the word “harassment.” One of the best ways to avoid harassment lawsuits and harmful media coverage is to ensure that your employees understand harassment and how to avoid it in the workplace. Here’s why workplace harassment training is so important. 

Workplaces are becoming more and more diverse

One of the biggest reasons to look for workplace harassment training is because workplaces are becoming more and more diverse. For example, in California, the 2017 Workplace Census Report for civil servants reported that “the number of persons of all other races and ethnicities as a group, labeled Non-White, increased by 3.3 percent.” This increase in diversity means that there are more opportunities for misunderstandings between different groups of people. Enrolling your staff in California anti-harassment training can be a game changer by clearly identifying what qualifies as sexual harassment and other types of ethical misconduct in the workplace.

Many employees still view harassment as innocuous

Unfortunately, many employees still view harassment as innocuous, viewing their statements as jokes and not truly something that qualifies as harassment. It’s important to note that harassment takes a wide range of forms, even if the intention is not to harass. For example, “suggestive remarks, jokes, and questions about colleagues’ sex lives” all constitute harassment, even if you yourself wouldn’t feel harassed by such topics, according to Unison, a trade union that recently studied more than 8,000 health care professionals. Going through workplace harassment training can become a helpful way to broach this subject, allowing employees to ask questions about things that confuse them and learn what kinds of behavior and conversation don’t belong in the workplace.

As the #MeToo movement continues, more people are speaking up

Another reason that workplace harassment training is so important is because more people are coming forward to harassment complaints. Making sure that all of your employees fully understand what constitutes harassment ensures that nobody on staff feels as if someone is just trying to make trouble by speaking up. It’s pivotal that your staff members understand that the definition of harassment to avoid this kind of unnecessary drama. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines any behavior that could be described as “unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.” It’s key that employees recognize that whether or not conduct makes someone feel “unwelcome” is not determined by the harasser. Again, going along with the fact that jokes can constitute harassment if they are repeated and make others uncomfortable, workplace training can help remind employees of these facts.

A better workplace is more productive

Ultimately, addressing potential harassment in your workplace makes it a better place to work. Nobody wants to work in a place where they constantly feel belittled or put down because of who they are. Even jokes that some employees may think are harmless risk offending others and cross the line into harassment. With proper training, you can significantly reduce instances of harassment in your office, increase the number of employees who can stick up for others on staff, and improve overall comprehension of the different forms of harassment. Remember that a safe workplace is a productive workplace, and that you should work to build a culture of productive employees through respect.

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