4 Modern Designs of Restaurant Chairs that are Trending in 2019

With the turn of the year, the trends in the furniture also undergoes a rapid change, and more so when it comes to commercial furnitures, like the ones used in restaurants, bars, and places like that. The emphasis is increasingly on furniture that wins on both the counts of keeping up with the décor and offering the utmost comfort to the guests at the place. The furniture can no longer be an afterthought that you think about after everything, from the décor to the menu has been decided for the restaurant. It is something that you think about right when you start designing your restaurant and decide on the theme. When it comes to discussing restaurant furniture, the restaurant chairs have to be given a special mention as the seat of ultimate comfort.

Setting the chairs at a restaurant are no longer all about grabbing the first set that you can lay your hands on, regardless of whether it vaguely matches the theme or even provides the comfort to the guests. The modern décor ideas for restaurant chairs make sure that these are comfy and elegant at the same time. So, without further ado, here’s taking a look at the four modern designs of chairs for restaurants that are trending in 2019.

1. The eco-friendly designs

Going green is the latest in-thing and the restaurant chairs are keeping up with the theme. You will get to see lots of wooden chairs of different styles in 2019. The bamboo chairs, with their rose colors to soft chocolate hues, are coming up in the chairs and keeping up with the minimalistic theme. The coldness of the industrial styles is no longer welcomed by the modern restaurateurs or the guests. The eco-friendly décor full of greenery and warmth needs chairs that can reflect the similar themes and the wooden chairs deliver just that.

You do not have to restrict yourself in terms of increasing the seating space in your restaurant just because you are using wooden furniture. You can get a wide range of options in such chairs as well, right from bar stools, sofas, to two-seaters. Get the finish in any color that you want, depending on the color theme for your restaurant, or keep the wood in its natural finish to bring in that eco-friendly touch. The guests will surely appreciate the look that you bring to your eatery in this growing urban jungle of modern times.

2. The upholstered chairs

The upholstered chairs have been in vogue in the restaurant industry for the longest time and it is the warm colors of the upholstery that has brought it back in trend. The restaurants nowadays are designed to handle high-traffic and the aim is to make the minimal space look and feel spacious. Thus, the colors of the wall and the wallpapers are kept neutral and the chairs have upholsteries in warm colors, which come together to bring in a spacious appearance to the restaurant.

There is something very luxurious and elegant about the upholstered chairs, and these are perfect for the ever-increasing number of fine-dining restaurants. Besides, such chairs also look great when you to create restaurant booths, where the guests can spend their own cozy time together with their loved ones. Some of the colors in upholstery that are trending in the present times are orange, royal blue, yellow, and pink, because these shades are the ones that stand out beautifully against the white or beige walls.

3. The retro finishes are back

The retro finishes are back and this blast from the past is here to stay for 2019. The retro touches are seen in all kinds of restaurants, right from the fine-dining places, cafes, to bars and more. It does not get cooler than the Retro chairs, which can effortlessly channel the laidback luxurious and sporty look of the seventies. Sophisticated and simple, the retro chairs have modern linear details and plush padding, which makes these an absolute winner in both the categories of style and comfort.

You can take your pick from the widest range of linen upholstery or hand-finished leather to get an option that suits your tastes and the décor the best. The vintage look brings a classic touch that can never go out of style. You can be assured that once you use such vintage chairs for your restaurant, you will not have to think about remodeling and redesigning your place for the longest time. The upholstery and the cushioning might take a bit of effort to clean and maintain, but the look that you get at the end of it all makes it totally worth it.

4. The storage chairs

There are so many times when people in the restaurants are not able to find the place to keep their bags. They can’t keep the bag between themselves because none of them can sit comfortably that way, and they would not want to keep the bag on the floor, given the fact that it is not really the cleanest place in the restaurant with the footfall that it gets. No need to worry anymore as the storage chairs are here to solve that issue for your restaurant.

The storage chairs are the latest in-things this year in the world restaurant furniture. These chairs come with hooks or racks at the back, where the customers can easily store their bags and they will not have to leave it hanging from the back of the chair or keep it on the floor. The restaurateurs see it as an effort to improve the customer experience by thinking about other comfort and conveniences that the furniture can offer to the customers.

Now that you know all about the latest trends of restaurant chairs, you can go ahead and redecorate your place according to your choice. So, don’t wait for any further and start shopping for that new furniture today.
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