Best Kids Fancy Dress Ideas

Many parents prefer to make costumes for their children at home. Not only because it is more economical but also because, in most cases, homemade costumes are usually more original and can be designed to measure. It is true that in many cases it is not as simple as buying them in a store but if you make them together with your child, it will be an added incentive and an excuse to spend quality time together. Therefore, this time we propose some ideas of costumes that you can do at home.

1. Painter's costume

 This costume is perfect for little ones who want to go to a costume party or to carnivals putting themselves in the shoes of Picasso. The suit is very simple since you only need a bag type dress, which you will decorate with a watercolor of paintings in a transversal way, like the one used by painters. And to give it the final touch you can complete the set with a Bohemian air beret and a giant brush that you can make using one of those foam rollers that are used to learn to swim and pipe cleaners to create bristles.

2. Fairy Godmother Costume

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to become a fairy godmother. I wish granted with this nice costume. The set is very easy to make, you will only need to have some leggings and a white tank top. The magic touch is achieved by adding a white tulle tutu and small butterfly wings on the back. If you want you can also add some star-shaped stickers to the costume. And of course, you cannot miss a magic wand.

3. Doctor's costume

What child has not played at being a doctor? If your child is in that phase, you can take advantage of that interest to make a very simple homemade costume. All you need is a white shirt with buttons that is a little big for the child and a shower cap, preferably blue. To complement the costume you can dress the child in blue shorts and a white shirt or sweater. And to give it the final touch, you only have to make a stethoscope using old headphones, a black cable and a bottle cap.

4. Sheep costume

If you do not have much time to make an original costume, this idea will come handy. It is a simple sheep costume that only requires a white jumpsuit, to which you will stick cotton dots that will imitate the wool of these animals. To highlight the hooves you can use black tape on the hand grips and feet of the monkey. And as a final point, you can use black felt to make the ears of the lamb and then stick them in a black beret.

5. Rope doll costume

This coquettish costume is perfect for the little princesses of the house who want to look beautiful at the carnival. In addition, it is very easy to make costume because you can basically use any dress of your daughter. The key to disguise lies simply in the key that leads to the back and in the adornment of the hair. You can make the key using a roll of toilet paper and a little cardboard, then paint them golden. And to give the final touch to the doll costume, you can discreetly make up your little girl.

6. Spider costume

Undoubtedly, it is a very original homemade costume that will make you stand out at the carnival or any birthday. In addition, it is a disguise that can be used by girls as well as boys. And the best of all is that although it seems complex, it is actually very easy to make. You just need to have on hand a hooded sweatshirt, preferably black, to which you will stick some mobile eyes on the hood. Then, you just have to sew on both sides of the torso two black socks stuffed with paper or cotton, which will be the legs of the spider. When you are finished you can combine the sweatshirt with jeans or black leggings.

7. Granny costume

It is a very funny disguise that can get you out of a hurry if you are against the clock because it is very easy to make. Basically, the suit is made up of a dress, preferably long and pastel, which is complemented by a white apron. The original touch is given by a mushroom-style hat to which you will stick synthetic white hair around the edge, to imitate the hair of the grandmother. And to top it off, do not forget to add some large glasses without graduation, so as not to damage the sight of your little one.
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