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Since ancient times, people have been looking for new, more and more effective methods of birth control. Sexual desire is the normal, and natural need of all living things including man. In most cases, birth control allows us to enjoy intimacy without worrying about the potential for conception. Condoms, spirals, female condoms, and birth control pills are just some of the contraceptive methods that couples use to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Unfortunately, birth control pills sometimes have side effects for this reason they are not suitable for every woman. With the menstrual calculator, you can be sure that whether you are pregnant or not.

Here are 8 home remedies to avoid pregnancy:

The method of calculating the "safe" days

There are certain days during the female cycle when the chances of conceiving are extremely low. These days are called "safe periods." There are three ways by which you can calculate the safest days when a woman can enjoy intimacy with a loved one without fear of getting pregnant. So, the first method is a temperature method of contraception, which includes checking the basic body temperature. The second method is called a calendar when a woman calculates "safe" days by the special menstrual calculator. And finally, the third method is the so-called cervical mucus method, which involves daily checking the density of vaginal secretions.

Raw papaya

Residents of India, Sri Lanka, and other countries used papaya as a popular contraceptive. Raw papaya is known to be an effective natural contraceptive method. Therefore, doctors often warn women about the dangers and ask to avoid eating this fruit during pregnancy. In its raw state, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is known to increase the production of estrogen in the body. In addition, papaya also helps in regulating menstrual cycles.


One more soft and safe contraceptive is parsley. This green is available to everyone. You can buy it at any supermarket or in the local market. Dried parsley can also be brewed as a tea and consumed twice a day in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In addition, this plant has no side effects so you can drink a cup of parsley infusion during the day without thinking. Parsley is a plant known for its properties - the remedy perfectly normalizes and stimulates the menstrual cycle.

Dried apricot

Women who are in the early stages of pregnancy are advised not to eat dried apricots, as this can lead to miscarriage. But if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, try to eat dried apricots. Dried fruits also help contain excessive bleeding. Take 100 grams of dried apricots, mix with four tablespoons of water and one teaspoon of honey. Boil the mixture until a homogeneous mixture.

Neem Oil

Neem or Indian lilac is a popular remedy used as a contraceptive in developing countries. The leaves of this plant can be used in different ways. Some prefer to drink a decoction of its leaves, while others use plant oil. It is believed that this product is a natural contraceptive. Women choose neem oil, applying it to the vagina before and after intimacy. It acts as a lubricant, preventing genital infections. It is proved that this product contains spermicides, substances that destroy sperm.


This herb can be found in some pharmacies. Asafetida is known to prevent pregnancy. It is used as a contraceptive in countries such as India and China. When boiled, this plant has a rather pungent taste. In addition, it is an excellent antiviral agent that helps maintain the health of the immune system. This herb is also used to improve the performance of the digestive system. Take the broth can be in the form of heat with the addition of apple cider vinegar.

Blue Cohosh

Another plant that is often used as a natural contraceptive is the blue cohosh plant. It is known that this herb not only prevents the onset of unwanted pregnancy but also eases pain during menstruation and also acts as a laxative. The contraceptive recipe is as simple as possible. You need to brew a couple of tablespoons of dried herbs in a glass of boiling water and drink the mixture two or three times a day. Therefore, before using this tool, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Wild carrot seeds

Wild carrot is a folk remedy that has been used by women for several centuries to avoid becoming pregnant. The seeds of this plant are very effective natural contraceptives. The most popular recipe was the following - the seeds of the plant were ground, then one teaspoon of the mixture was diluted with a glass of water. The woman had to drink for 7 days after unprotected intercourse. You can easily found the wild carrot seeds in any supermarket. But, the best thing is to consult with your doctor.
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