The Unforgivable Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Looking well-dressed has become imperative in today's society, and with so many diverse fashion trends, it's sometimes almost impossible to differentiate between right and wrong. However, there are still a few universal rules that will help you avoid some of the most common fashion mistakes you've probably made once or twice in your life. Check them out and you’ll never have to worry about being a fashion victim again.

Showing too much skin

Getting a blouse with a deep neckline and an open back can be a great addition to your fashion collection, but there’s a fine line between sexy and distasteful when it comes to showing skin. While that top may look hot, you shouldn’t try matching it with a mini skirt because that would be way too revealing. When you want to show some skin, limit yourself to a certain body area. If you want a plunging neckline, go with a midi-length skirt, or pants. If you want a mini skirt, forget about deep décolletage.

Baggy all the way

Oversized clothes and baggy outfits have been around for some time, and while an oversized shirt can give you a certain relaxed look, it can come off as frumpy when matched with slouchy jeans, for example. Therefore, if you like your denim relaxed, and you also want to match oversized shirts with your jeans, it would be a much better idea to put on a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans and tuck in the shirt of your choice. Think about leaving the back loose and tuck in the front, for an edgy touch. With a pair of high heels, your outfit will be casual but with a certain dose of glam.

Buying maniacally

When you see “sale” in the store window, your brain instantly goes into shopping overdrive mode, which can be detrimental for both your wallet and your closet. That’s why you should stop shopping for tops, skirts, and dresses just because they’re on sale, and start shopping smart. Yes, buying a nice cocktail dress half price is amazing, but not a necessity if you already own at least three similar dresses. Also, shopping for an endless number of t-shirts, shorts, and skirts just because they're on 70% discount will make your wardrobe overcrowded and leave you with the good old, I have nothing to wear syndrome. Investing in the same types of clothes over and over won’t leave you with much of a choice to mix and match when you want to refresh your style over and over. That’s why instead of spending money on numerous tops on sale, you should save up and invest in a unique piece that will last for ages and allow you to make it a part of various outfits.

Too many accessories

We all like to make a statement with a bold necklace or refresh our plain ensemble with a stack of bracelets. However, if you combine the two and add dangly earrings to the mix as well, you'll come off as too flashy. Don't make people think you decided to put all the jewelry you own on you, but instead opt for only one statement item and tone down the rest of the jewelry. For instance, if you want a chunky necklace to complement your silk blouse, opt for delicate earrings and maybe a ring or two on your fingers. A watch is always a nice accessory but only if it doesn’t have too many rhinestones and it’s not too colorful.

Final thoughts

With such diverse fashion trends, becoming a fashion victim has never been easier. That’s why you should plan out your ensembles carefully and try your best to mix and match fashionably. Make sure you stick to the aforementioned rules, and you’ll have no trouble avoiding the biggest fashion mistakes.
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