4 Important Etiquettes for Airport Car Parking

Valet airport car parking is a wonderful service as it allows you to park your car safely and quickly and get your entire luggage close to the check-in desk without having to run here and there. But, in fact, nobody uses valet airport parking on a daily basis, so what is the proper way to behave in the parking situation, how you must treat your valet driver, and what is the appropriate protocol for tipping.

Here are a few useful etiquettes for airport car parking you must possess.

Keep Your Car Clean

If you are sure that someone is going to drive your car, you should be courteous to clean it up a little before handing over the keys. The cleaning doesn’t have to be entirely detailed, but taking out fast food trash and spraying a little scent in your car will be a good gesture toward your valet driver.

Don’t Leave Valuables

You can normally trust your valet driver, but it is always best to put away valuables. Although it isn’t just to avoid them temptation, it goes hand in hand with a neat and tidy car and you can never be too certain who will pass you parked car when you are away.

Tip the Valet

Giving tip to you valet driver is a good way of expressing your gratitude, although it is not that important The tip doesn’t have to be a hefty amount but a few bugs won’t hurt the bliss of having your vehicle-treated well and safely delivered back to you. At this point, it is always best to have some cash with you so you can easily tip your valet driver as a token of appreciation

Don’t Forget Anything in Your Car

It is vital that you must not forget anything in your car while unloading. It can be quite inconvenient for your valet driver to run back to you and your car if you do forget something. It will be extremely irritating for you and the valet as well

Create a Backup Plan

Make sure you have a backup plan just in case where you need to park doesn’t have any space. It is crucial during the busy travel times, in particular, as the winter and summer holiday season. In order to have a backup plan you must;

·      Get familiar with one of the other parking lots you have investigated when choosing a spot
·         Know the address and how to access the parking lot
·         Have some cash handy, just in case the card doesn’t work or there is a cash-only lot
·         Opt for long term parking offered by your community’s mass transportation system ten use mass transit to reach the airports

If your travel budget has got your hands tight and you still, need to pay the airport parking fees, you can opt for some amazing airport parking voucher codes to save some of the cost for other fun things for your trip.
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