The latest rumor from NFL that the Eagles may trade Carson Wentz

There have been several rumors in the last few weeks that it is likely that Nick Foles shall be leaving the Philadelphia Eagles when the present season finally ends. But whatever one may say, Foles is comparatively a lesser quarterback compared to Carson Wentz. It is that simple.
But Foles has been maintaining his performance in leading his team the Eagles to several victories whenever he has got the opportunity. In the event that he can go on to help the Eagles win in the following two games and lead the team in the playoffs, and if he can further go on to help his team some games during the postseason matches then there shall be a great debate raging as it to whether it makes sense to trade Foles and let him go for Wentz.

The eagle’s team website has already been contemplating this very scenario. The chances of Wentz being traded was a potential prospect, but now it seems that Foles can give the Eagles their best chance of winning in the championships. 

Team management is seriously thinking over their future courses of action regarding Foles and Wentz. They are wondering if the Giants would offer them any pick that they want in this year, then the first part of next year's season and also in the year following that for Wentz. In return for three firsts to Wentz, the Eagles can keep on going with Nick Foles. The team management feels that is indeed a lot to consider. However, there are chances that the Giants may wait on through the next year and then wait for a better and stronger quarterback player to come in their team.

The Eagles are also considering to trade him in the AFC if they can trade him. They are trying to figure who would want him as the Dolphins will not want to get him. Jacksonville is a possibility. But for Jacksonville, Jalen Ramsey would be their first choice and then there would be two additional first round picks.  

Important points to consider

These rumors from inside the team will raise a number of important points. The Eagles may go on to get quite a considerable haul when they trade Wentz. They may go on to set their team up for some years in the future from the draft capital which they shall receive in return and still get to win during the interim period. There shall be a lot of people who would want to get their legendary quarterback in their team during the next spring like The Broncos, the Raiders, the Giants, the Lions, and also the Patriots can look for the quarterback in the upcoming season. For more information from the world of NFL, you can read the SportsBooks Reviews. Online sportsbooks are available easily on the NFL, which is perfect for sports lovers.


It is essential for Eagles to consider what they would want to do with Wentz and Foles. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.
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