Mattress Padding And Support Are Crucial Factors To Consider

If you do not sleep on a proper bed and mattress you may even suffer from insomnia apart from other health issues. According to several studies conducted it is proved that sleeping on a bad mattress will result in several health issues such as:

      ·         Sleep apnea
      ·         Sleep deprivation
      ·         Weak immune system
      ·         Reduced level of energy
      ·         Dizziness and drowsiness
      ·         Anxiety, depression and stress and even
      ·         Mood swipes.

No one can sleep on a mattress that is full of bumps, lumps, grooves and coils. Even if you have the most expensive mattress bought for your bed after thorough research and reading the full review, if the mattress is in such a condition then even excessive padding on the mattress will not solve the issues.

A lack of sleep will cause several health conditions and keep you tired and fatigued all through the day. Therefore, whenever you feel that your sleep is disturbed at night, contemplate on getting a new one even if the old one is well within the warranty period or less than five years old. Also, make sure that you change to the right pillow as well for proper support to your head and neck.

Plan your budget

Remember, even if you are in a budget it does not mean you will have to compromise with your sleep quality and amount. There are a lot of different types of mattresses to choose from made by different manufacturers and offered at a wide variety of prices.

Ideally, it should be your topmost priority to sleep on a good mattress as it will help you to avoid the long term and dangerous side effects of sleeping on an old mattress. Since there are several different kinds of mattresses available to you to choose from all of which has a different level of functionality and longevity, you must accordingly plan your budget.

Support and padding

Two of the most important factors to consider while choosing a new mattress for your bed are support and padding. It is essentially required to ensure that the mattress you sleep on provides your spine an acceptable level support apart from comfort and personal preference. This support is typically provided by the coils or the core of the mattress that merits further deliberations.

      ·         Support: This is provided by the innards of the mattress. It can be the inner springs, coils or the firm core that will help your spine to remain straight when you sleep. If you choose to buy an innerspring mattress make sure there are enough amounts of coils in it not only to provide the desired support but also to ensure that the natural curves of your spine is retained.

    ·     Padding: This provides comfort. If the mattress has thick padding it is called a “pillow-top” mattress. However, the amount of padding you require is a matter of your personal preference because some people prefer thick padding while some may want it thinner.

In general, thicker the padding and higher the number of coils, better will be the quality and price of the mattress.
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