Here's How You Can Increase Shopping Cart Recovery With Shopify

The term shopping cart abandonment is used to refer to the scenario when a customer starts the checkout process on an online store but doesn’t complete the purchase. The products that are added by a customer to their shopping cart but don’t make it to the payment process are considered to be abandoned.

Companies calculate the rate of abandonment by dividing the number of completed sales by the number of shopping carts created. The result will show the company what kind of products and how frequently a customer chooses not to go forward with the payment process. This abandonment rate will also show you if the online store has an unsatisfactory user experience or if there are any other issues in the sales funnel.  

Companies that operate online stores carefully monitor these abandonments to see what they can do to convince the customer to complete the purchase. They will look for ways to optimize the checkout process to reduce the rate of abandonment. If these problems aren’t addressed, it could negatively affect the sales and the reputation of the company among the customers. Reducing the abandonment rate will ultimately lead to more revenue and sales for the company. 

Reasons For Cart Abandonment 

The main reasons for cart abandonment are unexpected costs and inconvenient checkout processes.

It’s important to not have static or flat shipping rates because they don’t show the customers what factors are being considered to determine the shipping costs. It‘s important to show the customers a breakdown of the shipping costs and show them a calculated rate. Customers won’t be encouraged to complete the purchase if you don’t provide detailed shipping information. To ship packages to Europe with Parcelux, you can get a forward your products to their US address after you buy them

The checkout process shouldn’t be complex otherwise the customer will abandon the purchase. You should reduce the number of steps needed to complete the checkout process so that it’s quick and streamlined.

The customers might have a preference for how they would like to pay for their purchase. It’s important to have a shopping cart that has all the popular payment options.

You should try to reinforce a sense of security in the customer otherwise they won’t be comfortable with completing the purchase. The credit card and contact information of the customer should be safeguarded and you should convince them that this information won’t be misused.
Some people may add an item to the cart without the intention of buying or they may simply be waiting for the price to come down. You should send emails to the customer to remind them about the product when it’s on a discount so they will be motivated to complete the purchase.

It’s important to actively monitor the checkout process to find any technical issues that may be stopping the customer from completing a purchase.

How To Reduce Cart Abandonment 

You can use the Shopify Shipping feature to give the customers a calculated shipping rate based on the dimensions and the weight of the product, and the location of a customer. Having such a detailed report at the checkout will give customers a transparent view of your shipping costs.

Shopify will let you track an abandoned shopping cart by clicking on Abandoned Checkouts under the Orders page. It will also show you the contact details of the customers who abandoned the cart so you can send them notifications to remind them about it. You can use Shopify to send personalized emails to these customers so they can be convinced to complete the purchase.   

Customers will be more inspired to complete the transaction if you have a return policy that’s plain and easy to understand. You should assure a customer that they can return a product if they’re not satisfied with it. It’s important to let them know about the terms and conditions of your return policy so they won’t have any grievances later. You can use the Return Policy Generator from Shopify to prepare one for your online store. All you have to do is enter your return or refund policy and the generator will create a custom policy for your company.

Shopify’s generator will make it easy to create a refund policy. 

Shopify’s free privacy policy generator can be used to quickly prepare a presentable list of your policies to gain the trust of your customers. It will also check if the privacy policy complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. This generator will create a personalized privacy policy for your online store based on your requirements. 

You should get the right e-commerce tools to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate and ensure that your customers complete the transaction.
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