Ideas for Bathroom Shower Remodelling

If you are planning a bathroom revamp, the shower is likely to feature prominently in your layout, and assuming you are looking at replacing the shower unit and the screening, there are some great combinations. Coloured and patterned glass are both possible, and here are a few ideas that might offer some inspiration on how to remodel your shower.

  Ø  Relocate the Shower – Just because you already have a corner shower unit, doesn’t mean to say it has to stay there. A little plumbing work could have a walk-in shower in a different location. Of course, in a limited space environment, this might not be possible. Choosing an Aqualisa digital shower would be something you’d never regret, and they come in a range of designs, while anything else you might require for the revamp can also be purchased from the same online supplier.

  Ø  Colour Choices – Taking the floor as a base colour, you can nicely contrast with stylish coloured glass, with beiges, blues and green tints all available from the online supplier of home improvement items. If you are also changing the flooring and repainting the walls, you can factor in the shower screens to create a balanced look.

  Ø  Styles – There are so many shower styles, with seamless and futuristic designs that are easy to keep clean, while a more classic and even antique look is also possible. Living in the digital world has many advantages, and a Google search will have you browsing an endless list of shower designs. Go digital and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it, and the whole family will give a digital shower like Aqualisa the thumbs up. Check out some blogs on how to select the right shower unit, which offers the homeowner an insight into the many different designs.

  Ø  Walk-Through Showers – Admittedly, you need to have the room for a luxury walk-through shower, but if you do, this is the ultimate showering experience, and definitely worth the extra cost. The digital operation allows for different jet settings, with several pressure jets coming from various angles, and the design choices are many. Browse the online supplier’s catalogue for some inspiration on shower designs, and with trade prices, you can afford the very best they have.

  Ø  Surround Sound Music – Waterproof Bluetooth speakers that stick to glass make for a great bathroom singing session. Just make sure that the room is soundproofed, unless you happen to be a great singer, of course! Leave your smartphone outside, connect to the speakers and you can listen to your favourite tracks in surround sound.

  Ø  The Modern Bathroom – A seamless shower screen and a digital shower make for the perfect modern combination, and with smart technology, you can achieve a fair amount of automation into your bathroom, and some floor level LED lighting would really provide the perfect ambiance for the modern bathroom. The best way to make an informed decision regarding shower design is to search online for a leading home product supplier, who would have a vast range of quality names at affordable prices. Get Best The Leading Choice For Bathroom Installations.

The online supplier of home improvement products offers everything you could possibly need when renovation any room, and with only the best brands on offer, you can buy from the online supplier with some confidence.
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