Ways to Improve Your Furniture

Don't have the money to get that new curio? Do you have some hand-me-down furniture from your parents? If you can't spend the dollars to upgrade to new furniture, why not try some DIY ways to improve your furniture? There are plenty of fast and easy methods to refresh your decor when you're on a budget. With some of the best abrasive accessories, you can even sand down your wood furniture to create something entirely new and unique to your home.

Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your home furniture on the cheap:

Add Some Plants

Perhaps you think your home just feels a bit lifeless and dull. Plants are a natural solution that adds to your feng shui as well. You can use helpful tips like this indoor plant decor guide to give your home a boost in energy. When in doubt, a ficus tree is always a good place to start, but you may also like fig trees, bonsai plants, aloe vera, jade plants, or peace lilies.

Add Trim to Curtains

Are your curtains getting old? Why not purchase some plain white curtains that are cheap and add on a few pieces of trim. You can find trim in the style you like at a craft store, or you can pick up fabric or patches to go on your curtains. There are so many patterns and colors you can emulate just by searching your favorite looks in Google. Then, you can use iron-on hem tape or fabric glue to attach the trim.

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Use Spray Paint for Color Pops

Are you ready to throw out that old dresser? Why not try sanding it down and re-painting with spray paint? There are all colors of spray paint to go with as well. You can create a gilded age cabinet or a pink dresser for your daughter. There are all kinds of goodies to find at thrift stores for under $50 that can be sanded down and vamped up with a bit of paint.

Change the Legs

Got outdated dining chairs or sofa legs? You can always paint the legs a brighter color. You may even want to switch them out for something different. For instance, some DIY decorators use Washi tape to create striped sofa legs.

Reupholster Time

While you may not be familiar with upholstery, there are plenty of DIY guides on how to reupholster your old furniture. For example, you could replace the seats on your dining chairs with different fabric, or you could turn your old coffee table into a bench or cushion ottoman. You can pick your own colors, fabrics, and textures to create truly imaginative and beautiful furniture. Remember, the thrift store is always there to find fabrics and old furniture to upgrade.

Add Mirrors

Acrylic mirror material lets you create mirrored furniture out of practically anything. You can have it cut to size at any hardware store. One way to fix up an old dresser is to cover it with this material creating a high-end vanity look. However, it might be a good idea to work on a smaller project first, such as a nightstand or bedside table.
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