Taking A Look At The Disruption In Mental Health & Role Of Better help In Alleviating The Same

A big portion of the American population has reported about falling prey to various forms of mental illness over their entire lifespan. Statistics have revealed that about 40 million U.S. adults feel the requirement of medical help in coping with mental issues.

Generalized treatments and therapies might not always fall inside the affordability parameter of all patients. Instances are also not rare when patients residing in remote areas have to discontinue therapy sessions only because of difficulty in commuting. This has led to record growth in online counseling for catering to bigger demography.

Whenever we think of mental health counseling, the first thought which crosses our mind is its generic application. But the rhetoric improvement in technology has brought ahead new and improved practices which are offering a holistic solution to this recurring problem.

Counselling services have been made available for both generals as well as specific purposes. Whereas general counselling is dealing with issues like broken relationships, loss and physical illness, specific ones are assisting in coping with depression, anxiety, parenting, bipolar disorder any similar psychological traumas.

Mental health can deeply impact all demographics ranging from factory workers to high-powered executives. BetterHelp has entered into the mental health scenario for ushering in record disruption and making the whole thing easier and more accessible. Today we are going to take a look at the ways in which BetterHelp is bringing a paradigm change in mental healthcare:

       ·    BetterHelp can match your requirements to a licensed counsellor by ensuring that they are in sync with your value system. This, in turn, guarantees complete productivity out of the therapy sessions.
     ·  Mental health often tends to tag along with a negative connotation. But we all feel the requirement of the same at one point or other. This is where BetterHelp comes in for buffering us from the overly-stimulated world and solving all forms of trauma.
       ·    BetterHelp also stands out as the ultimate platform for aspiring psychologists who had been shying away from this profession previously due to economic problems. On registering with the same, you will be matched readily to patient profiles for conducting counseling coupled with the right technological backing.


You can think of BetterHelp to be a lot like eHarmoney meant for licensed therapists. You will have to answer a simple questionnaire which will thereby connect you with the right counselor who can readily offer you help. By paying just 200 dollars per month, users can benefit out of unlimited therapy session.

More than 1 million people have used the platform which boasts of 2000 licensed counsellors and therapists having expertise in various fields like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, addiction, relationship challenges, self-esteem issues, trauma, anger management, parenting, LGBTQ challenges and stress. 
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