Latest LED TV Applications you should know after Buying your Smart TV

The evolvement of technology in televisions has brought in lots of advantages which were not present some years before. Earlier, television was just a mere medium of watching movies and series which was being distributed to us by our cable operators. But over the years, new changes have been brought to the LED TV industry, and new technologies have been added to. There are various things which can be now done on television such as enjoying numerous apps. Yes, it completely true that your favorite apps can now be enjoyed on the television apart from your smartphone and computer or tablet. There are multiple apps which are much more enjoyable when the display is a big as the television screen. Moreover, when you are enjoying your favorite apps over your television, controlling and going through will be made easier and effortless as the whole process can be controlled using only a remote controller.

In recent years, many apps have been introduced in the markets which are compatible with a LED TV. Which means apps which you have been enjoying over your smartphone tablet or your computer can now be enjoyed over the television with a wider and clarified view. Moreover, recently many apps have been manufactured by the app's designers who are programmed to only run on television. So, let us have a look at some of the latest apps which can be enjoyed easily on your television.


Accuweather is one of the most trustworthy sources for knowing the current temperature which has been used widely by people from all over the world for knowing their weather forecast. And when it is being displayed on the screen, the details are much more clear which makes it easier to understand. The app will provide you with all the essential information that you will need regarding the weather for understanding how the rest of the week or the day is going to be. All of the information is being done in a simple language which makes it understand with the interpretation of a weatherperson. Though you won't require a television for understanding simple symbols such as cloud and rain, when it comes to an understanding certain in-depth analogy of the weather such as the forecast charts and the radar maps, a larger screen becomes essential.  The app can be downloaded for free if you are using an Android TV or an Apple TV. But, when you are using Smart LED TV, you need to spend some bucks to acquire it.


Plex is basically a store where you can store as many videos as you want to. It can be termed as your personal Netflix where you have your own video collections. It will store all the LED TV series and movies that you own in its cloud storage and beam those to your TV whenever you need them. Plex over the years has turned out to be a favorite among a number of customers for its endless features such as staring a video right from where you left off. With the help of Plex, you can easily manage your library, and it also downloads metadata as well as relative artwork automatically which can, of course, be turned off if required. Similar to the AccuWeather, Plex can be downloaded for free if you are an Apple or Android TV user. But if your smart TV is none of these, then you will be charged a minimal amount for the purchase of this fantastic app.   


Netflix is one of the most loved apps and the most popular app when it comes to watching movies or series. It is the giant among all the video-streaming apps. Most of the best online LED TV series which have been loved by belonging to Netflix. And what can better if all these can be viewed in a superior screen. Your Netflix and chill moment has just been made better than ever.


In spite of the fact that it's not the first application you may consider utilizing with a keen TV, Airbnb works truly well on the extra large screen. This administration encourages you to get a good deal on an excursion by leasing another person's extra room or occasion home as opposed to spending more cash for an inn. Its presentation scales up pleasantly, so you have a lot of space to look through the immense number of accessible areas. When you use Airbnb on the greater screen, you can all the more effectively peruse maps of available rentals and flick through photographs of properties. This gives you a greatly improved thought of where you'll possibly spend your excursion. It additionally gives you a chance to run choices by the general population with whom you intend to part your rental. Not at all like the other keen TV applications we've talked about up until this point, Airbnb is accessible for Apple TV, not Android TV. The application itself is free; however, you do need to pay once you book an area.

       Asphalt: Airborne:

Asphalt is one of the most loved gaming apps among all. It is one of the most exciting racing games which features real-life graphics truly creates an adrenaline rush among the players. So, what can be better than playing that game on a wider screen?  

So, get ready to enjoy your favorite apps in your new Smart TV. 
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