5 Gorgeous Ways To Display Your Favorite Travel Photos

Think Outside The Picture Frame:

Real estate agents know how important it is to “stage” a home. Certainly, remodeling can be important in upgrading property value, but a well-staged home is also integral in facilitating a sale. Even the most lackluster space can be turned into a comfortable, homey area with proper furniture arrangement and decoration.

This is true if you’re not selling your home. It’s very important to make it feel comfortable inside. The staging strategy can help you turn space that was previously unused or difficult to manage into a truly extraordinary area of the house. One top-tier strategy which can totally revitalize the mental energy a room evokes involves how you present pictures.

Cameras of top-tier quality are everywhere today, and so people take all kinds of pictures wherever they go. This is definitely true when it comes to travel—especially if you just took that dream vacation. Additionally, travel photos tend to be much more interesting than simple family portraits, or other intimate photography. Still, people often end up putting them in photo albums and leaving them on some shelf somewhere.

There are better tactics. Following, five considerable ways of staging travel photos will be explored to help stimulate your imagination. Everyone is different, and so some of these may not appeal to you; but at the very least, you might start thinking about ways to present your photos that you might not have before.

1. Framing A Common Doorway—Think: Greeting Cards

For around ten dollars, or free if you’ve got the materials, you can turn a plain doorway into a portal that transports those who live in your home and guests to your finest vacation destinations. There are partitions and greeting card display holders you can acquire for a few dollars to twenty or thirty bucks which are perfectly suited to this purpose.

Hang these around the doorways in certain rooms, then attach the pictures you like the best. When finished, you’ve got a decorative arrangement which totally revitalizes part of your home.

2. Through A Projector Display In A Specific Room

There are digital projectors today which can be hooked up to a smartphone and show a film on a blank wall in an appropriately dark room. You might set up such a room with a slideshow of your favorite travel photos. A few candles lit decoratively in the corner can offset the projector light without diminishing it, making for a futuristic, cozy little area of the house.

3. Atop A Quality Backdrop

Denny Manufacturing provides all manner of professional photography backdrops. These can be used to offset certain travel photos, and give a portion of your house a specific theme as suits your stylistic proclivities. Backdrops add texture, and can additionally be used for multiple purposes; among them photography.

4. Under The Glass Of A Coffee Table

You might arrange some of your favorite pictures such that they perfectly cover a coffee table. You can get the fitted glass to the dimensions of the table, then put it atop the pictures. This facilitates a dual purpose. On the one hand, you protect both glass and coffee table from spills and damaging one another through a protective layer of pictures.

Additionally, you enhance a simple furniture item in your formal or casual living areas in a way which is instantly noticeable, and likely to cause friends or neighbors to mimic your style.

5. Surrounding A Mirror

A mirror doubles the light filtering through a room, and one popular way to display travel photos involves lining them around the edges of this reflective surface such that the end result is evocative of a floral arrangement. There are photo holders designed for this, but in a pinch, you can use things like clothes-pins, tape, or putty to get the job done.

Let Your Imagination Run Free

You took those pictures for a reason; ensure they get the display they deserve! There’s really no right or wrong answer when it comes to home decoration; all that matters is preference. So let your imagination run free, and experiment a little. What works for one home may not work for another. What matters most is that you’re happy with the end result.
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