3 Scientific Facts About Male Orgasms

There are many things that are still not known about an orgasm. One can probably complete numerous books if one mentions each and every detail about an orgasm. Here are three scientific facts that you must be aware of a male orgasm, as well as more information on Male Ultracore which is the top-rated male enhancement pill.

  1. Orgasm produces a high feeling:

The “high” feeling is often associated with the effects of recreational drugs. But, we’re not talking about that type of “high” feeling here. We’re dealing with the feeling of uttermost excitement during an orgasm among men.
The ventral tegmental area is the most excited brain region during an orgasm. This area of the brain is filled with receptors for neurotransmitters that are associated with the reward. This is the same region when heroin users shoot up.
 Ejaculating a sperm into the female reproductive tract is critical for reproduction, and this could be the reason why ejaculation is often regarded as the most-rewarding behavior.

  1. Orgasms are better when it is achieved in front of a partner

It’s similar to having sexual intercourse being better than masturbating alone. You must have realized that you suddenly have the feeling of boredom after a solo masturbation session because it shuts down the sex drive up for about an hour.
However, it does not happen when you’re having sex with your partner. According to the study, both men and women release 400% more prolactin after intercourse in comparison to the release of prolactin after masturbation.

  1. Men often fake an orgasm:

The result obtained from the survey showed that 28% of the men had faked an orgasm with his partner. Some men faked an orgasm because they were drunk while some other men faked an orgasm because they wanted to go to sleep.
The men in the survey were engaged in a committed relationship, and they were most probably faking it with the intention of not hurting their partners.
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