Top Paint Colors for the Living Room

A living room is a place where your whole family can sit together and have some memorable moments. It is also the place where you invite guests and help them to be comfortable with the surroundings. So, it’s obvious that when planning to buy, build or move into a new home, you need to pay a lot of attention to the living room.

If you are thinking the same way and you want your living room to look like the most serene living rooms in Canada, then it is suggested that you start with the paint first. As walls comprise a major chunk of any room’s décor, the paint on the walls matters a lot. When the walls have the right paint, everything looks gorgeous. In contrast, if the walls are not painted right, everything may seem like a misfit.

To help you paint right, we have listed top paint colors for the living room right here. Read on and get inspired.

Ø  Green:

If you are a nature lover, you should add green color paint to the living room walls. As green is the color of renewal and harmony, it will add a new life to the walls. This color is also perfect for people who don’t have the time or the inclination to add plants to the room. It’s also perfect for people who think that neutrals are boring.

Ø  Blue

Those of you who want to keep the family close at all times should ask experts like New Castle Painting BC to paint the living wall rooms blue. This color is a perfect choice for people who have hardwood flooring in the living room. Blue rooms also seem cleaner and more orderly as compared to other colors so your living room will look just right.

Ø Grey

If you want the living room to appear more spacious, serene and elegant, you should choose this color. Grey will act as a perfect backdrop for artistry, modern décor items and even vintage pieces that deserve to be highlighted. It is also among the most popular living room color options as more and more people are opting for it.

Ø  Black

Yes, you read it right, and we are not kidding. Black is the preferred option for people who are looking to make their living room a bit dramatic and unexpected. When someone enters the living room and sees black walls, he or she will pause for a minute and consider you to be a person who isn’t afraid to be different. Black is also among the top 5 colors that buyers want so it will increase the value of your property if you hope to rent or sell it in the future.

Ø  Beige

This is a neutral preferred by most interior designers because it allows them to create a living room that’s simple and it also lets them create a living room that’s unrealistic. This color is also a nice option for people who are after the minimalistic look. Beige is among the most popular living room colors that people return to repeatedly through the years so it probably won’t ever go out of fashion.
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