Top 5 Best Tech Cleaning Products for 2018

Innovators have always made our lives better by developing ground pieces of technology. These devices require proper maintenance since they are not immune to greasy surfaces and dust for them to last longer. These devices are the best choice especially for cleaning, and I will outline some of the best devices in 2018. Before that, let us look at what to look for in tech cleaning products:

•  Volume and value

            It is recommended to buy a gadget that is worth your money. Ensure that it has a longer life and it is not bulky which can be portable.

•  Effectiveness 

            Effectiveness is key in determining which gadget to buy. It can be frustrating to boy laptop screen cleaner only to realize it leaves streaks on the screen. Ensure you buy a cleaner that is ideally suited for the intended task.

•  Kit components

            Ensure you buy a cleaning device that has all the required accessories that enable it to work effectively.

The following are five best tech cleaning products for 2018:

1.  Phonesoap 3 UV cell phone sanitizer

This is one of the high tech devices in 2018 which uses UV rays to eliminate all kinds of bacteria as well as charging your phone consequently. It is big enough that it can accommodate various sizes of phones and you can clean other items so long as it fits in. If you are looking for a smartphone cleaner, this is where to invest your money.


•  It can charge your phone while cleaning.
•  It kills almost 99% bacteria.
•  It uses UV rays to zap bacteria and dirt.


•  It can clean other items that fit in
•  It accommodates different sizes of phones.
•  It is ideal for a variety of environments.

It is slightly larger hence making it a bit bulky.

2. Stoner car care GUST easy air duster

Stoner car care GUST easy air duster is among the devices that can ultimately clean surfaces that are not frequently cleaned due to accessibility. This works on technology which is designed to clean dashboards. It cleans off debris and dust in those that are hard to reach areas which include consoles, wireless keyboards, and screens. Debris tends to accumulate in these areas. Thus you will need to have such a device to clean such areas.

Key features

•  It is built on safe ozone design.
•  It can correctly clean hard to clean areas. 
•  It is suitable for areas such as dashboards, screen, and cameras.


•  No bitterant
•  Comes with advertised pressurization
•  It is safe for a variety of uses.


It requires clearing liquid before you use it.

3. Soniclean soft carpet upright vacuum cleaner

Are you experiencing challenges when cleaning a shag carpet? Well, Shag carpets are usually nice and smooth, and it requires proper cleaning because not all rugs have the required design to clean it. Therefore you will need to give it more attention and come up with a strategy on how to clean and maintain it. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for shag carpet you need to consider the following:

- weight-ensure the vacuum cleaner that you have chosen is light in weight.

- suction power-look for a vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction power.
- cleaning mechanism-you need to determine the closeness of cleaning mechanism of the vacuum cleaner to your rug surface.
- adjustable height-it is recommended having a vacuum cleaner with adjustable height.

            Well, it might be easy to find a cost-effective vacuum cleaner but getting the best vacuum cleaner, you have to sacrifice. This is because it is not easy to find a vacuum cleaner for rug carpets.that is why I present you the best vacuum cleaner for shag carpet. In review "What is the Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet?" you'll find more information about vacuums for such type of rugs.

            Soniclean soft carpet upright vacuum cleaner is ideal only for smooth style and shag carpets. It is equipped with sonic cleaning technology to deliver the best cleaning correctly. Additionally, you can adjust it to suit your preferred specifications which might include thickness and the style of the shag carpet that requires cleaning. It has extra large front wheels which allow it to maneuver on the carpet when cleaning.


•  It has HEPA filter bags that provides 99% filtration.
•  It has an ergonomic handle which allows for a firm grip when cleaning.
•  It has a 35 ft long cord.
•  It is versatile and lightweight.
•  Changing cleaner’s bags is easy.


Its large front wheels can be a challenge for some people.

4. Giottos large air blaster

            This device is durable, and it is useful for dirt removal. It has a long nozzle which allows it to reach places that couldn’t be easily cleaned. It is sizable to provide high powered air blast which makes it easy to clean .its one-way valve prevents entry of debris and specks of dust.


•  It is easy to use
•  It is ideal for filters and camera lenses.
•  It stands upright


It is relatively large.

5. Bruno smart can

Bruno is one of the technology-based gadgets that have played a significant role in cleaning. It has a powerful vortex vacuum which sucks all the debris and pet hair trapped in the carpets and stores it in its rash bag. You can connect it to your iPhone to allow you to monitor and sends notification on the appropriate time to empty the trash.


•  Hand free lids
   Bruno is easy to use you can open the lid using your hands.
•  Integrated vacuum inlet
  The integrated vacuum cleaner has made it easy to clean pet hair; food crumbs dust and debris which will be sucked up and deposited in the trash bag.
  Built-in charging and filter
  It has a small flip lid that allows access to the filtration area and built-in charging.


Logically clean environment contributes to more productivity and happiness. Well with so many appliances and room to clean it would not be possible to attain and maintain cleanliness. Therefore, if we embrace these technology-based gadgets, it will make our work easier, and it guarantees proper cleaning. Therefore, consider having one of the gadgets I have mentioned above and enjoyed the cleaning that it provides.
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