7 Best Dance Inspired Exercises for Staying in Shape

Working out is rarely ever fun. Most people force themselves to exercise so they can stay in shape. But exercise doesn’t have to be a complete form of drudgery that you absolutely dread. In fact, if you incorporate dance-inspired exercises into your workouts, you’ll have no trouble staying in shape while having loads of fun at the same time.

Whether you’re into hip-hop dancing, pole dancing, salsa, or something else, just know that there is going to be a dance inspired exercise for you to love and enjoy. And once you begin making it a part of your everyday life, you’ll notice that you’re not only getting in shape, but you also feel great as well.
With that in mind, we will look at seven of the best dance-inspired exercises that are perfect for people looking to get or stay in shape. Make them a part of your regular exercise routine and begin experiencing the benefits almost immediately.

1. Hip-Hop Cardio

Do you love dancing to hip-hop music? It might be time to buy hip hop outfits online so you can finally begin using your favorite style of dancing to your fitness advantage.
The cool thing about hip-hop cardio is it’s an aerobics class and hip-hop dancing all rolled into one. You’re going to tone your body and strengthen it while doing choreographed moves that will make you look absolutely amazing while on the dance floor, the exercise mat, or anywhere else for that matter.
But why choose hip-hop cardio for aerobic exercising?
To put it bluntly, this workout is challenging so you’re definitely going to build up a sweat and get your blood pumping and your body moving. Anybody could get their heart rate up doing just about anything. But you also want to make it fun, and that’s why this type of cardio incorporating hip-hop dancing is definitely going to inspire you to get up, get moving, and enjoy yourself while working out.
Best of all, after you make hip-hop cardio a regular part of your life, you’ll have no trouble impressing everyone on the dance floor. Because the moves you use for exercise are also going to kill it while you cut a rug, so you’re getting in shape and becoming a better dancer all at the same time.

2. Zumba

Zumba is an incredible dance-inspired workout because it combines African dance, Creole dance, and Latin dance with aerobic interval training, and when combined together they make a truly amazing workout. In fact, you’ll notice your body begins to look and feel more sculpted and toned in no time at all.
What makes this exercise stand out above the pack?
For starters, it’s very fast-paced so you’re definitely going to break a sweat. It’s also lots of fun, and that is a very important common theme that you’ll notice throughout.
We want you to not only get exercise but also enjoy it as well. Because if you actually enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll stick to it and continue to work out, get in shape, and finally begin to look as amazing as knew you always could.

3. Salsa Cardio Workout

We highly recommend cardio salsa workouts for a wide variety of reasons. For starters, salsa dancing is so much fun, so you’re definitely going to enjoy the experience. Second, it’s actually a full body workout, so you are going to be physically fit if you make salsa dancing and cardio a regular part of your day-to-day life.
But why is it so effective?

It’s great because this dance class is of the highest intensity. So not only are you going to become more physically fit, but you’re also going to become a lot stronger. And the workout is going to make you much more coordinated as well, so when you combine salsa dancing with aerobic exercise including fast-paced footwork and hip swivels, you are going to look and feel absolutely amazing to boot.

4. Ballet

Ballet is an incredible form of dance that is also a great way to get plenty of exercises because it’s an astounding workout too. When you take ballet classes, you’ll be performing exercises using lightweight and a bar that you will consistently and repetitively do over and over again which will make your body toned and help you get in great shape.
There is also a form of exercise known as Ballerobica. This is a very interesting exercise style because it combines body sculpting, kickboxing, and ballet to create an incredible workout. Think of the ballet barre method on steroids, which will help you strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and balance, develop better posture, and elongate your muscles all at the same time.

5. Belly Dancing

Do you occasionally enjoy showing off some skin? And do you like getting a great workout all at the same time? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then belly dancing is going to be right up your alley.
This is a great workout because it helps you move your entire body and shake your hips all at the same time. Think about Shakira and the amazing belly dancing that she does. This is the kind of exercise that will not only tone your body, it’s also going to help you gain better flexibility and balance, strengthen your core muscles, and give you greater definition and muscle tone.

6. Twerking

Combining twerking with a solid cardio workout is a great way to build lean muscle, tone your body, and look absolutely stunning all at the same time. There are currently classes called the Vixen Workout and Cardio Twerk that are sweeping the nation and helping ladies get in shape doing something they actually enjoy.
The cool thing about these workouts is they are high intensity and they even integrate hip-hop dance moves from artists like Beyoncé. So if you ever wanted to let your inner diva shine through, this is going to be the perfect workout for you that will help you have the most toned tushy you’ve ever imagined.

7. Pole Dancing

Did you ever imagine that pole dancing would become a fitness craze? Well, it has, and rightfully so because you’ll have an amazing and sexy six pack after you become a regular pole dancer.
It’s so effective because it combines pole dance moves, gymnastics, and aerobics. You can use it to strengthen your upper body and build muscle tone while also strengthening your core. Not only that, you’ll improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination as well.

Final Thoughts

Whoever told you that you’d never be able to get in shape by dancing has been living under a rock and needs to get their head examined. The seven dance-inspired exercises we’ve shared today will help you get in shape, look great, and feel absolutely amazing. So, begin using these workouts sooner rather than later to finally get the body tone, strength, and core muscles you’ve always desired.
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